Favorite Mature Whitetails Spots

mature buck
Mature deer can really be smart.

Mature Whitetails

Well, I have been getting some great trail camera pictures of some really nice mature whitetails. And I cannot tell you how excited I am to get out and do some deer hunting. Just yesterday I got a picture of one of the biggest mature whitetails that I have ever gotten on a trail camera. It was on one of my favorite deer hunting properties that I have permission to hunt here in Kansas. It is a piece of property that  is awesome and has great potential for holding several mature whitetails. I would not be afraid to say it could possibly have some potential world class bucks on it. There have been sightings of a 200+ inch buck very near this property. So every time I go deer hunting there it is so exciting not knowing what might come through there.

Kansas Bucks

Mature whitetails like this one will be starting to make scrapes and rubs in the next few weeks and be breaking away from the bachelor groups as the pre-rut activity begins.

It is a dream come true to be able to chase huge Kansas bucks on such a prime piece of trophy buck paradise. Just last year I missed what would have been my biggest buck ever on this property.

The Buck That Got Away

The buck that I got on trail camera might just be the one that I missed last year. I only got three pictures of him yesterday. It’s is hard to say if it is the same buck or not. The buck I got pictures of yesterday I think is pushing 170″ and would be by far the biggest buck that I have ever taken if I could get him. I know it won’t be easy though, he didn’t get that big by being stupid. My hopes are to get this buck with my bow and get it all on film.

Reaction Priceless

My first reaction when I got the picture yesterday besides the yelling from being so excited was to get out there this morning and hunt. I hunted the set that I have right where I got the picture. The wind is out of the northwest this morning and perfect for this setup. But after talking to my buddies and thinking hard about it I have decided to take my time. I’m going to be very careful not to bump this buck or screw it up somehow.

When you are dealing with bucks of this caliber one wrong move can be the end of the game and he will be gone. I have dreamed of this scenario for years now. To pull it off it would be a dream come true. If not, no big deal. It’ll be fun trying. Just being out in the woods enjoying the great outdoors is what it’s all about.


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  1. Excellent, You got most of the animals I want to get. I just got started with trail cams & the 1st area I went to my whole box of energizers were near dead out of box. I set one camera out in a moose bed & got 3 deer pics. All the animals moved on quad trail. There used to be only a few went on it now a lot of quads so am afraid to lose my cameras. I just got my cameras in from 2 weeks on a farm & some nice deer pics. I am really looking forward to this hobby.

  2. Thanks guys sorry for the very slow response. I use several different cameras most are fairly inexspensive. I have a Moultrie IR that is really good. Spike I’m really not sure but the warm weather could be a factor.

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