Self Filmed Bow Kill

first self filmed bow kill Kansas buck
I got great deer hunting footage of this Kansas buck. My first self filmed bow kill.

I’ve always wanted to get a self filmed bow kill. I finally did just that in Kansas.

Self Filmed Bow Kill

Well the cold weather had the bucks up and moving here in Kansas this morning. It made for an exciting day of deer hunting. I arrived at one of my favorite deer hunting honey holes well before daylight. I settled in the loc-on in the edge of a huge soybean field.

Cold Front

As the sun slowly came up I could tell it was going to be a great day for deer hunting in northeast Kansas.  With the cold front settling in. I have trail camera pictures of bucks sparring recently. So about 7:45 am I decided to do some light rattling and soft grunts, nothing to aggressive just a light rattle sequence and I threw in a few soft grunts.

Buck Appears

A couple of minutes later I spotted movement about 500 yards across the soybean field. I quickly put up my binoculars and could tell it was a nice buck heading my way through the uncut soybeans. The buck got to the cut soybean field and started running towards me. He made his way to the wood-line I was set up in about 50 yards away. He was heading away from me at this point so I softly grunted at him and then I lost sight of him in the thick brush.

Theres that Buck

Then I spotted him slowly coming down a trail that lead right to my stand. I swung my Motion camera arm and turned on my Canon XHA1s and got it zoomed and on the big bruiser. I was able to film him working a licking branch and thrashing trees with his antlers as he made his way down the trail to 15 yards from the base of my tree. When he turned to look the other way I drew my Mathews Z7 and settled my 20 yard pin on the boiler room.

The Shot

As soon as I released the arrow I could tell I had made a fatal shot on the big buck. He ran off and my heart was pumping. I had just filmed my first self filmed big buck bow kill. I had shoulder surgery back in April and at times didn’t know if I would be able to bow hunt at all this year. But now all the hard work of physical therapy had paid off.  The big brute ran about 75 yards and piled up.

Mathews Z7

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my Mathews Z7. It is such a smooth sweet shooting bow. The buck never knew what hit him. It is a hunt that I will never forget. I drug him by myself and loaded him in the truck. Then I took him home and skinned and quartered him up and will be making some yummy jerky out of him.


Fellow Pro-staffer Troy will be coming to hunt here in Kansas for a week and I hope to help him get his first Kansas brute and get it all on film. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to getting some more great whitetail footage to share with you.


Mathews Z7 bow
My Mathews Z7 did a number on this big Kansas buck.

Details and equipment used to make a successful hunt.

  • Date October 19, 2011 Pre-rut
  • Location:Northeast Kansas, loc-on stand in edge of woods on 423 acre soybean field
  • Tempature:33 degrees, wind 20mph out of northwest
  • Time 7:55am
  • Bow: Mathews Z7 Lefthanded 60 pound draw 28 1/2 draw length 65% let-off
  • Sight: Apex Bone Collector 4 pin sight
  • Release: T.R.U.Ball Bone Collector The Beast Release
  • Arrow: BEMAN  340 Bone Collector carbon
  • Broadhead: G5 Montec 100 grain
  • Camera: Canon XHA1s HDV video camera
  • Camera Arm: Motion Camera Arm
  • Scent used: Code Red Doe pee, acorn scent wafer cover scent, Scent Killer 99% scent elimination spray

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  1. Hey Josh, thanks for stopping by. I don’t have a way to download the video from my camera to my laptop. The laptop doesn’t have a firewire connection but I will try to get it downloaded soon.

  2. Great buck, Congrats. Self-filming is not easy. I hope you find a way to post the video.

    Nice blog site you have here!

  3. Great shooting man. I am impressed. Keep up the GREAT work. You guys wont go hungry with shootin like that. Congrats.

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