Deer Hunting Nocturnal Whitetail

nocturnal whitetail fat Albert
This nocturnal whitetail showed up later in the season at one of my favorite deer hunting honey holes.We named him Fat Albert.

A nocturnal whitetail is the toughest to hunt.

Nocturnal Whitetail The Toughest

There is no greater challenge in my opinion than trying to kill a late season  mature nocturnal whitetail buck. It can be downright impossible. The number 1 factor that will cause a big buck to become nocturnal is presence of human activity. And for that very reason I like to do my scouting and hang my stands late in the summer. I get out and of my favorite deer hunting spots and leave them heck alone. I don’t want the whitetails to have a clue that I even exists when it is time for deer hunting.

The thing I look for when scouting for good deer hunting locations weather it be on foot or using a topographic map or aerial photo is the thickest bedding areas I can find. And if I can find a thick bedding area on the edge of a steep elevation that is where they like to bed. Where they can see downhill in front of them and smell danger from behind them.

Food and Water Critical

I like to find all potential food and water sources in the area. Make a note of when these food and water sources will be available throughout the year. If I find a place like this I go in on foot. Try to locate trails leading to and from the bedding areas to the food and water sources. I try to pay attention to the tracks and see which way they are heading. This can help me figure out what time of day these tracks are being made. If the tracks are leading to the bedding area this trail is probably a great morning spot where you can catch him returning to bed early in the morning. If the tracks are leading away from the bedding area this is a great spot to setup in the afternoon when he is leaving his bed to go feed or get water.

Details Key

nocturnal whitetail
A nocturnal whitetail can be very hard to kill.

By paying attention to details you can greatly improve your odds deer hunting. I think the most critical things you can do when you find these trails and decide to hunt them is always have a favorable wind, that is get downwind of these trails with the wind blowing from the bedding area in your face. Otherwise you are wasting your time. And you need to be able to approach the location quietly so the buck has no clue you are there. I believe these tips can help you improve you chances of getting a shot a mature nocturnal whitetail buck.

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