Archery Hunting Mature Whitetails

archery hunting bow
I fell in love with archery hunting after I shot my first big buck with a bow.

My favorite hobby is archery hunting mature whitetails. I started bow hunting when I  was in my teens and have been in love with archery hunting mature whitetails since.

Archery Hunting

There is nothing like bow hunting and matching wits with a mature whitetail. Up until a few years ago I bow hunted until rifle season came in and then I would trade my bow in for a rifle deer hunting. But I went to Illinois on a bow hunt. I was lucky enough to get my first mature whitetail with a bow. I haven’t hunted with a gun since then. And my love for bow hunting has grown even more since taking my first mature whitetail buck with a bow.

My Illinois mature whitetail
I killed this mature whitetail bow hunting in Illinois.

The thing I love about archery is you have to practice quite often to be able to consistently make accurate shots, kind of like golf which I am not very good at by the way. Practicing with my bow is so much fun and now my two boys are getting big enough to want to shoot their bows with me when I am out shooting. I love seeing my boys get interested in a hobby that I love so much and I bet they are going to be really good at it.


If you get a chance to introduce a kid or a friend to a bow and arrow and the great outdoors do it. The earlier that they are introduced to it the more likely they are to stay interested in it as they get older. It is our duty to introduce kids and friends to the great outdoors. They can carry on our great hunting heritage for generations to come. You will make memories that will last a lifetime.

I recently had shoulder surgery and I won’t be able to shoot my bow for some time. I’m am already looking forward to doing my physical therapy and getting better. So I can get back out and start shooting again. I was lucky enough to be able to rattle in and film myself shooting a nice 11 pointer this year. It is a memory that I won’t soon forget.

Hows every one’s deer season been so far this year? Have you gotten that big buck yet? If not don’t give up, it can happen at any time. If you killed a trophy buck and would like to have some photos and a story featured fill out our contact form. Let’s see those big bucks guys and gals. The late season can be the toughest time of the year to hunt and can become a grind. It only takes one hunt to change your whole season from bad to good. Good luck everyone!

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