Rifle Hunting Kansas

rifle hunting Kansas
When rifle hunting Kansas expect it to be cold.

Do you like deer hunting with a rifle? If you do and you like rifle hunting Kansas now is the time to be in the woods.

Rifle Hunting Kansas Short Season

When I moved here a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out the rifle season here wasn’t until late November into early December and was after the rut. The reason I say pleasantly surprised is because I prefer using a bow over using a rifle. I knew that I would be able to hunt big bucks during the rut. Ones that hadn’t been put on alert by the sound of guns going off in the woods during the peak of the rut and the time leading up to it. Let me say that I am not at all opposed to guns I just prefer using a bow. Because I love the challenge having to get the deer into closer range.

Rifle Hunting Kansas Special

There is just something special about rifle hunting Kansas. I think what makes rifle hunting Kansas so special is the number of quality bucks roaming the woods here.

Short Gun Season Beneficial

huge whitetail buck
Rifle hunting Kansas can be a great time to get a buck.

And I think that having a short gun season and having it after the rut lets the big bucks have a chance to survive and reach an age where they can reach their full potential. That and the fact the deer have an unbelievable amount of crops and food to help them through the winters and get nice and big. There is an early muzzle-loader season here and though I haven’t done it yet. It’s a great opportunity to get a shot at a big buck in his early season feeding pattern. When the bucks are more than likely still in bachelor groups.

Deer Season

The muzzle-loader season opens when bow season does and is only for around thirteen days. Once it is over it is bow only all the way up until the end of November when the gun season starts.

I think it is critical to let the bucks get at least 4.5 to 5.5 even 6.5 years old to reach their maximum potential. Not having a gun season during the peak of the rut is the key. If it was gun season during the rut many more bucks would be killed obviously.

Early Season Youth and Disability

I forgot to mention that another thing they have here is an early season youth and disability season. Which is really good to give the kids a chance to get a whitetail before the rest of the hunters invade the woods.

I can’t wait to take my boy next season to try and get him his first deer. That early season youth period will be a great time to do it. If you get a chance take a kid out and introduce them to the great outdoors, you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Let us know how your season is going. Maybe even send us some pictures of you with your buck. We’ll try to get them posted on here for everyone to see.

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