Kansas Deer Hunting Over

The season is all but over here in Kansas and most parts of the country. It was a great year of Kansas deer hunting. I hope you all had a great year and wish you the very best in 2012.

Kansas Deer Hunting

northeast Kansas deer
Northeast Kansas deer hunting is awesome.

Right now there is an extended deer hunting firearm season going until the 8th of January here in Kansas. So it’s not to late to get out and try to fill that freezer with some tasty venison. I like the way that Kansas deer hunting is set up for whitetails. I think that is why they have so many big bucks. Because the rifle season is short and not during the rut which leaves a small window to kill a big buck with a gun and let’s them survive longer and reach a mature age where they can reach their full potential. That and the fact that they have plenty of food sources to help them make it through the tough winters.

No Gun Pressure During Rut

I can bow hunt big bucks during the rut without them being pressured into being nocturnal from all of the guns going off in the woods.

Kansas Does it Right

I think Kansas got it right and it shows with the number of big bucks they have and the size of the bucks hunters kill there every year. I would put Kansas at the top of my list with a hand full of other great states like Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, and a few more. So if you still need to fill that freezer and you can hunt in Kansas here are a couple of the seasons still open for harvesting does.

Extended Firearm Whitetail (Jan. 1-8,2012)

Unit restrictions for the permit remain in effect. Any unfilled permit for deer in 2011 valid in units 1-19 may be used in the extended white-tailed antler-less only season (see the map on page 19 of the Kansas deer hunting regulations. Resident either sex/ either species permits valid for the West and East would be valid only in units in their zone. Orange is required.

Special Firearm Extended Whitetail (January 9-15, 2012)

Unfilled whitetail permit 2011 valid in Units 7, 8, 15 can be used during the special extended season.(See map on page 20 of the Kansas whitetail regulations.) Legal equipment can be used to take a white-tail without visible antler sticking out of its skull during this season. A license is required, unless exempt by Kansas law. Orange clothing required.

Extended Archery (DMU 19) (January 9-31)

These permits are available using archery equipment only for antler less whitetails(see map on page 19 of whitetail regulations) Non-resident and resident archery either sex/either species,resident any season whitetail permit,non resident archery whitetail permit, permit valid for unit 19, special hunt-own-land permit for unit 19, and antler less whitetail permit. 2012 license required, unless exempt by Kansas law. Orange clothing required.

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