Rifle Cleaning

Now that the deer season is over in most parts of the country , now is a good time for a good rifle cleaning. You want to make sure you don’t just put it back in the case after using it all season and forget about it. Cleaning your rifle thoroughly is very important.It is easy to use your favorite rifle all season and then put it away after deer season and forget about it. It is important to store it nice and clean to prevent rust. And when deer hunting rolls around you will have a nice clean accurate rifle that works properly and that is safe to shoot.

Safety: Don’t ever point any firearm at anyone even if you know that is unloaded. Take out the magazine or clip and clear the chamber, don’t just eject the shell visually check to ensure the chamber is clear.To make sure a firearm is functioning to its specifications you must ensure the firearm is clean. Most malfunctions shotguns,pistols,  and rifles have are due to dirty actions and bores. Powder can be corrosive and damage your firearm if not properly cleaned on a regular basis. Read the owner’s manual and go only as far recommended. Always inspect each part of the firearm for wear. Also check for rust,hair-line cracks and signs wear. If you have any doubts take it to a gunsmith.

Rifle Cleaning Tips

rufle cleaning
Proper rifle cleaning can make a huge difference in performance.

Attention: Before doing anything make sure the firearm is unloaded! Only then proceed with your rifle cleaning.

1. Clean your firearm from the breach end if possible because you don’t want to get any shavings or debris into the action. Using the proper gun cleaning kit for your caliber firearm. Assemble the rod and screw the desired tip patch holder in. Pull a patch through the tip and soak it with cleaning solvent.

2. Push the rod with the soaked patch down the barrel to coat the bore. Take off the dirty patch at the other end of the barrel. Wait a few minutes to let the solvent soak into the dirty barrel.

3. Pull the rod back out of the barrel without a patch, then screw in the correct brush to the rod. Soak this brush with solvent and push and pull it up and down the barrel 5 or 6 times. Put the patch tip back on and put a patch on the tip and dip it in solvent and push it down the barrel with a clean patch until the patch comes out clean. Then push a dry clean patch down the barrel to get rid of ant remaining solvent.

4. Then put a few drops of gun oil to a clean patch and push it through to leave a slight coat of oil inside the barrel.

5. With a proper(nylon) brush coated with solvent brush any powder away that you see or any debris away from the action. Once the action is clean use a gun oil to barely coat all parts and surfaces.

6. Reassemble the firearm and wipe any areas you touch with your skin with a soft cloth slightly oiled.

Check and make sure the rifles action is working properly or the bolt. Also make sure the bore is clear of anything before firing.

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