Monster Bucks Galore

Monster Bucks finalist
Spook Spann emceed the Monster Bucks Classic big buck contest.

The first annual Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas hunting show should be monster bucks galore. The show was in Topeka this past weekend and it was awesome. We had a great time all weekend long and there were monster bucks galore.

Monster Bucks At Classic

monster bucks kansas
These two monster bucks won first place for non-typical bow and gun.
Travis "T-Bone" Turner
Travis “T-Bone” Turner Bone Collector.

Oh my gosh there was some absolute giants there. There was a big typical monster buck that should be the new Kansas State Record Typical whitetail with a gun(there are some questions about weather or not this buck was legally taken and I will just leave it at that until all the facts come out). He will have to be re-scored in a few days once the 60 day drying period is up and if the buck was legally taken it should be the new #1 typical with a gun in Kansas. He unofficially scored 198 7/8 net. The showroom floor was buzzing when it was announced that a potential Kansas State record whitetail had just been scored.

Big Non-Typical

There was a big non-typical monster buck that scored in 250’s gross and netted in the mid 240’s, what a stud. The lucky hunter said they had trail camera pictures of him and had been trying to get him with a bow for a few years. But he just couldn’t pull it off but this year he took him with a gun. He was an awesome buck for sure. There were so many awesome monster bucks it was unbelievable. The show had a lot of great celebrities also. Spook Spann, Travis “T-Bone” Turner, Lee & Tiffany, Pat & Nicole, Zack Cooper, Dan Thurston were all there. And it was so neat to get to meet them and talk deer hunting with them. They were all so nice and and easy to talk too.

Lee & Tiffany of The Crush
Lee & Tiffany of The Crush were there meeting people and signing autographs.

There were tons of great vendors with a lot of great products and a lot of great outfitters as well as monster bucks galore. It was just an all around great show if you love deer hunting. I am already looking forward to next years show. I was fortunate enough to meet the guys running the show and be able to work with them. It was great to help them before and during the show. And it was a pleasure to meet and work with such a great group of guys and gals. They all worked so hard to bring a great deer hunting show to Kansas. They did just that and I was proud to be a part of it. And I can assure you they are already working to bring you an even bigger and better show next year.

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