Disease Spotted Shed Hunting

Disease Spotted Shed Hunting
The Disease Spotted Shed Hunting was fibroma where warts can be bad on the affected deer.

The disease on this doe turned out to be fibroma. I have been getting pictures of a doe that has spots all over her body. She doesn’t look good at all.

A Disease Spotted Shed Hunting

I asked wildlife biologist Grant Woods of GrowingDeerTV what he thought it was? He said it looked like Fibroma. A wart like growth that is a disease in deer. He sent me this link on Fibroma and I found it really interesting. Fibroma disease in deer isn’t that common for does to get. It occurs more often in bucks. Someone asked if this doe should be taken out of the herd? Even though in most cases the warts dry up and fall off I would take her out if I could. This particular doe has a nasty looking sore on her back that she has had for some time. You never know. She might be just fine.

Big Buck Sheds
Big Buck Sheds Mike found on a recent trip.

I have seen a lot of nice bone being found lately shed hunting. I got out yesterday and checked my camera and put out trail cameras and some corn for the whitetails behind the house . We had one picture of a small looking buck that looked liked he had shed. We also had a few small bucks that still had their antlers.  Sometimes it feels like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. I concentrated on field edges and bedding areas and I would have bet money I would have found at least one but that’s the way it goes.

Finding Sheds

Seeing all those big antlers being found everywhere, you think the bucks have all dropped. But you never know. I had a great day out in the woods never the less. We are planning on doing some more shed hunting this week. I have got walking to do yet. There is a big cedar thicket right behind my house that I want to check out really good. It is a prime bedding location. I would just about bet I’ll find something in there hopefully a big set of massive antlers.

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  1. Now that is a nice pair of sheds!
    I have never been lucky enough to find both sides. I always end up finding just one side. I think you just convinced me to go shed hunting this weekend!

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