Trail Camera Pictures Shed Hunting

pictures shed hunting corn field
Shed hunting around food sources is a great place to look for sheds.

I have some new mineral lick spots and Trophy Rocks and I have gotten several pictures shed hunting. Some of big bodied bucks that had already dropped their headgear.

Pictures Shed Hunting

The only bucks that I have gotten pictures shed hunting  lately that are still carrying their headgear are smaller bucks. I just wish I could find one nice antler, I see all these guys finding truckloads of bone and I can’t seem to find a decent drop. I know I’ve got big bucks on the properties I’m deer hunting they are all over my trail camera pictures.

Shed Hunting

We have been out a few times shed hunting, but I haven’t had any luck though. I definitely need to get me shed hunting dog. How about you have you been able to do any shed hunting? I have heard of several nice bucks antlers being found and just yesterday one of my buddies said he saw a nice big buck the other day in Missouri that was still carrying, so I guess a few of the bucks are still hanging on to their horns.


trail camera pictures February
I got a lot of trail camera pictures in February.

Oh well, I’ll get back out in the next couple of days and see what I can find. I have been living here in the mid-west for almost three years now and every spring I hear people talking about getting out and looking for  mushrooms. Being from the south I never even heard of Morrells until I came here, but from what I here they are very good so this year I am gonna have to try them. I just keep asking myself how good can a mushroom actually be? I guess well see, I bet if they are as good as they say they are the deer probably love them.

It is almost time to plant those food plots so now is a good time to get those soil test done. It is also time to get that lime out before it’s to late. Also it’s a great time to plant those trees and shrubs and it’s not to late to do a control burn also. There are so many things you can do to improve your property this time of year.

Establish Mineral Licks

Now is a great time to put establish those mineral lick sites. The bucks are dropping their antlers and will be growing new ones soon it’s good to get them the minerals. That will help them grow their antlers to their full potential. The minerals are good for the does that will be having those fawns before you know it. So mineral lick sites will help the overall health of your deer herd. I put out two new mineral lick sites last week and have got to do two more this week.

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