Motion Camera Arms GoPro HD Hero2

I wanted to thank Motion Camera Arms for adding us to their Pro-Staff.

Camera Arms

We are fired up about teaming up with them and we will be using a Camera Arm in all of our hunting adventures this year. Check out their great camera arms

Just last week I got my new GoPro  HD Hero2 to use for my second angle camera. I can’t wait to use it this year and capture some really good deer hunting footage.

GoPro  HD Hero2

The GoPro is great little video camera. I highly recommend you check out these awesome little cameras and get you one for filming your hunts.

I have put out some mineral lick sites in the last few weeks. The deer are really hitting them pretty good. Now is a great time to put out those minerals. The does will be having their fawns before too long and the bucks will be growing their antlers before you know it. It’s good to give them those minerals now. Also it’s time to plant those warm season food plots for deer, turkey, and rabbit. I just love the spring time turkey season is well under way and the fishing is cranking up. My preparations for next deer season are already under way and I have got some work to do to get ready for next season.

Getting Ready

I am getting my equipment ready early this year. I have got a few things I need to get for next year like some stands and trail cameras and new arrows and broadheads etc.

It has been a busy last few weeks for me. I have been doing some intense four hour physical therapy on my shoulders to get me ready to return to work after being out quite some time for two major shoulder surgeries. I can now pull my Mathews Z7 back without the intense pain like before the surgeries. It sure is a lot better now than it was this time last year. There were times where I didn’t know if I would ever be able to bow hunt again. And for someone who loves bow hunting as much as I do that is a scary thing to think you might not be able to do something you love so much. A big thanks to the doctors and physical therapist you guys are awesome.

I also want to thank Brian who ran the annual Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas deer hunting show in Topeka Kansas. It was a great show and we are already looking forward to next years show. Talk about some big bucks, Kansas is no joke when it comes to monster whitetails.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by guys! I am on the mend and can’t wait to use my GoPro and I am ready to shoot my bow too!

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