Whitetail Bucks Growing

whitetail bucks with ticks
I got several whitetail bucks that are covered with ticks on their ears.

Well I went and checked three trail cameras this morning. I put out some corn and went this afternoon and put batteries in another camera and put out a Trophy Rock.

Whitetail Bucks

We’ve got a lot of pictures of some whitetail bucks that look like they could grow into some nice deer. Each at a different deer hunting honey hole. I’m pumped to say the least. The whitetail bucks are growing and it won’t be long before the season will be here. I saw wildlife biologist Grant Woods talking about how the ticks are really bad this season in Missouri and I am seeing the same thing here in Kansas. Some of the deer have got ticks all over their ears and it seems like more than I ever remember seeing. I’m not sure how they respond to so many ticks but hopefully they will be fine.

Several Shooter Bucks

I got several pictures at each of my mineral lick sites and some of them look like they could end up being shooter whitetail bucks. The deer are really hitting the mineral lick sites that I have put out at each deer hunting honey hole. They really are liking the new recipe that I am trying this year. It is a inexpensive way to make your own mineral lick sites that the deer love and it will help them grow nice big antlers. I like to top my sites with a Trophy Rock. buck enjoying trophy rock

Stand Locations

I have already got my stand locations picked out. I’m looking forward to hanging stands and putting up ladder stands and cutting shooting lanes and getting each deer hunting honey hole set up. I’m ready for a great season. It is a lot of work getting all the stands hung and spots ready to hunt. But I enjoy it and it is a great way to get in shape. The corn and soybeans are coming up nicely here in Kansas although we could use a little more rain.

Hard Work Pays Off

It is going to be a long hot summer. But the season will be here soon so I am doing all I can to put in the hard work early so I can get out of those areas and leave them undisturbed before the season. I just don’t like going into an area right before the season and having to cut shooting lanes and hangs stands. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, and have to do it later. But getting it done early gives you an advantage if you ask me.

Less Commotion is Better

cornfield growing in kansas
This is the cornfield growing at a honey hole.

The big boys catch on to a lot of commotion in the woods right before the season. That’s why I like to give it time to settle down. It gives you a better chance of slipping in and catching them with their guard down. Is anyone else getting any good pictures yet?

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  1. I have my deer blind spots already picked out also. I need some cameras set up to see the feeding patterns. I just went with some deer trails I have been watching.

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