Deer Hunting Right Around Corner

Well it won’t be long now and it will be time to go deer hunting. It has been a rough dry hot summer here in the mid-west to say the least. One of the the hottest summers I have ever experienced and we need some rain here in Kansas bad. It has cooled off a little lately though and I have been able to get my stands put up and trail cameras out. I’m just about all set up and ready to do some deer hunting. Fall can’t get here soon enough. I have never been so ready for fall to arrive as I am now.

Putting Out Deer Trail Cameras

I have had some nice bucks on my trail cameras lately and it has been fun watching them grow their antlers.

deer mineral lick site
This great buck showed up at one of my great deer hunting spots.

I have several cameras out now and I’m hoping to start getting more pictures of big bucks showing up now that the weather is not so hot. Just this past weekend I put out five more stands and a few more cameras and several Trophy Rocks and I have started feeding them in several of my honey holes. I should start getting more trail camera pictures of some nice whitetails.

Stay Out

Most of my shooting lanes are trimmed and the hard work is mostly done and I can stay out of my spots except to feed them and check trail cameras. I like to only go in to my stand sites during the middle of the day to check trail cameras and put out food for the whitetails. I like there to be as little as possible commotion in the woods during the weeks leading up to and during the season. Those big bucks didn’t get big by being dumb and the less they are disturbed the better in my opinion. I can’t wait to to go deer hunting and try to match wits with these big Kansas bruisers.

My 2011 Kansas Deer

Last season was a great season for me and one that I won’t ever forget. I was able to film my self shooting a big Kansas 11 pointer in October.


Potential Kansas State Record Typical Whitetail With A Bow

I filmed my good buddy and fellow DHBB Pro-Staffer Troy Redner shoot what we believe would have been very close to a Kansas state record typical whitetail with a bow. Unfortunately we never found the buck we named “Horn Donkey”. He was by far the biggest buck I have ever seen when in the woods. I was also able to film several other nice bucks last season. It made for a wonderful season for me here in Kansas. Now I am looking forward to getting some more great whitetail footage this season to share with you. It should be another great year.

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  1. I always enjoy the pictures folks put up from their trail-cams. I gave my daughter in Alabama one to use on some property she has in Blount county. I figured she could send me some pix to put up on my website. After several months went by with no pix, I inqured as to why no pix. She had it aimed at the door to the little house up there in case someone tried to break in. Oh well. At least I can still appreciate other folks pix. Thanks.

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