Deer Season Arrives Kansas

Deer season arrives in some states and will be starting very soon in many.

Deer Season Arrives

Opening day here in Kansas starts this coming Monday September 17th for bow and muzzle-loader. Youth is already open. I hope you all have a safe successful deer season. I have already seen quite a few nice bucks being taken and have heard that the the hunting has been great so far. Are you ready for deer season?  I haven’t  seen as many big bucks on my trail cameras so far this year. It could be due to the drought and the whitetails seem to be sticking closer to the water sources. I am confident that as the rut gets closer more big boys will be showing up.

Big Bucks Late to the Party

Last year the biggest buck I saw all year didn’t show up until late October but when he did he stuck around. So I am confident the closer the rut gets the bigger the bucks will be that are showing up. It should be fun matching wits with these big Kansas brutes again this year. Last year will be hard to top for me I filmed myself shooting a nice 11 pointer deer hunting Kansas and filmed DHBB Pro-Staff member Troy shooting a once in a lifetime buck that would have been very close to a Kansas state record typical with a bow. It was the most exciting hunt I have ever experienced and just seeing a world class animal in the wild was a dream come true.

Moultrie Game Spy

I have gotten some good trail camera pictures lately and I recently bought a new Moultrie Game Spy M-80 Black Flash game camera and so far I am pleasantly surprised with it. The pictures this camera takes are the best of any camera that I have ever had and the videos are good too. I set the video to a lower setting to preserve the batteries. The night videos are good but the day videos are grainy but I am sure they would be better if I changed the quality of video. But I want to save my batteries. I just can’t get over the image quality, they are awesome to say the least.

Black Flash

I also like the camera having the black flash the doesn’t spook the deer. It is the most expensive camera that I have, but it also is the nicest camera I have. Very reasonably priced if you are looking for a great camera. I would definitely recommend this camera.

I hope we can capture some more great footage like last year to share with you. Have a great year chasing whitetails. Shoot straight and be safe out there.

deer season arrives
I got this buck on trail camera last deer season. I hope he shows up again this year.

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  1. Hunters are really excited because September marks the start of deer season. It’s really enlightening to know that there are various states around the US who have deer hunting ranches. Just like us from Lowlands Whitetails Deer Hunting Ranch in New York – we’re really hoping to see you there!

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