Deer Eating Acorns Beans

 deer eating acorns dailyI have seen a lot of deer eating acorns this year. We have tons of them this year.

Deer eating acorns

Whitetails love to eat acorns and they are an important food  for them. I have seen them choose acorns over any over food sources at times. If you think of acorns you think deer, well and squirrels.


Acorns are a favorite whitetail food source. There are many different types and some are better for the whitetails than others. Acorns have good nutrition and over half the calories in an acorn comes from fat. That’s why you see deer eating acorns prior to winter. They need to store fat to be able to survive the cold winters. I have seen whitetails loading up on them this season. There are plenty of them for them to eat. If you have acorns you might want to do some scouting around them, you might just find a honey hole.

Dry Weather

Well I hope everyone is having a deer season so far. It has been a dry one here in Kansas. The whitetails have changed their patterns from last year. We have a creek that is completely dried up so the water supplies are limited to a couple of ponds just off of the property I hunt.

No Shooters Yet

This time last year I had about four shooters on trail camera. This year I have had pictures of one and he hasn’t been back since late September. I am not to concerned though because I am still getting pictures of a lot of does. And where the does are during the rut the big bucks will come. The biggest buck I saw last year didn’t show up until late October.  So I’m crossing my fingers that the same thing happens this year. We finally got some rain last night and more is expected today, I have never been so happy to see rain. How has your season been so far? I have been out on four different hunts and each hunt but one I saw whitetails.

Whitetails Running

The other night I saw a bunch of does and I had whitetails running all around me but I couldn’t see what it was, I thought I heard some grunting but I can’t be sure. I don”t know if the whitetails were just playing or if there was some chasing going on.

Good Footage

I’ve been able to get some good footage so far and it should only get better as the season progresses. We can’t wait to hunt the rut this year with two of our good friends and fellow DHBB Pro-staffers Troy and Mike hopefully we will be able to get some great Kansas whitetail rut action.


We just had a frost last week and the soybeans are turning brown quick and they will be cutting them soon. Right now on this particular piece of property there are a lot of soybeans either on it or just off of it and the deer are really eating them. Also there is a lot of acorns so food is abundant right now but as the season goes on the food sources won’t be as abundant and the deer should change there patterns and be a little easier to pinpoint. It is going to be fun getting after these big brutes and hopefully we can get one on the ground, it’s always fun trying to match wits with big old smart bucks. Good luck this season everyone.

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