Food Sources Late Season Deer Hunting Tactics

I can’t believe it is already December. We hope everyone has had a much fun as we have getting after those big bucks this year. Do you plan on doing some late season deer hunting?

Late Season Deer Hunting

There are some late season deer hunting tactics to think about that will help improve your odds at getting a mature buck on the wall. My main focus this time of year is finding where the food is. There are less food sources this time of year. If you can find a hot food source and set up in between there and the bedding area with the wind in your favor you have chance. Food plots can make for some exciting late season deer hunting. Not everyone has the time or resources to plant food plots but if you have a food plot to hunt this time of year it can pay off big time deer hunting.

Food Sources

If you don’t have food plots to hunt, locate what the whitetails are eating on the land you are hunting. Focus on that area looking for trails to and from and deer droppings, rubs, scrapes or any kind of whitetail sign. Some late season food sources are hay fields, cut agriculture fields, native grasses, acorns, leaves. If you can bait in your state that can be the place to be.

Find out what food sources you have available on your property this time of year. Plan a way to set up in between the bedding area and feeding area. Also plan to approach your stand or blind with the wind in your face. Hunt downwind of where you expect the whitetails to be traveling or feeding and you can get it done. Also if you find where the does are feeding, and one of those does that didn’t get bred goes into estrous. All heck could break loose, and you will be there waiting on that big boy.

Late Season

Chasing whitetails this time of year can be tough and draining but it can be very rewarding too. Every year I see pictures of several huge brutes taken this time of year. Even after the rut is over. Heck they have to eat, so find those food sources. If you haven’t gotten your buck yet don’t give up. Remember persistence pays off!


Mac Late Season Deer Hunting Buck
My good friend Mac took this old buck late season deer hunting in Dooly county in Georgia.


I have heard of several nice bucks being taken this year. I have heard a lot of my friends in Georgia have had really good years in the peach state. My good friend Mac and his son Preston both got nice bucks in south Georgia in Dooley county. Preston took a really nice 12 pointer, he had to whistle at the buck to get him to stop and he put him down. Congratulations to Preston and Mac. I love seeing the Georgia boys getting it done.

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