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archery equipment Mathews Z7
My archery equipment Mathews Z7.

Now that the season is over you might be in the market for some new archery equipment, perhaps a new bow and choosing the right bow for you can be fun but you want to make sure you make a good decision and don’t rush into buying something you are not going to be happy with later. Today we have a guest post from Jeff Stevens from if you get a chance go over and check out their website which has some great information on deer hunting.   Thanks for the great post Jeff.

Archery Equipment

Recurve Bows and Compound Bows 

Archery, a once-popular method for basic human survival and combat, is now a common sport and method of hunting. The main tool in the sport of archery is a bow that shoots arrows. Bows were made of pinewood and arrows were made of flint and rocks. Made from aluminum and fiberglass. The recurve and the compound both can be used for archery, hunting, and bowfishing. Most often people are not sure which bow is better to use, especially if they are new to the archery scene. Accessories are needed in archery, such as arrows, rests, sights, and strings.

Archery Equipment Decisions

However, before you can buy any of those items you must buy the main tool: the bow. Both the recurve bow and the compound bow have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your experience level, budget, and personal preference, this article will help you decide which bow is right for you.


Recurve Bows

Recurve bows were first made out of wood in ancient Asia. Throughout history the Chinese, Mongols, Huns, Greeks, and Turks all used them. Some companies still make wooden recurve bows today. Commonly made from fiberglass or carbon. Recurve bows generally come in three different variations: the basic style, the take-down style, and the composite style. The composite style is  no longer used. The most popular take down style can be disassembled. Recurve bows curve away from you and are designed to shoot short distances. The curves allow the bow to be more stiffer and shoot arrows with more force. Recurves are technologically advanced.


However, recurve bows do not have as many advanced technological features as compound bows and therefore do not shoot arrows as accurate as a compound bow would. The typical length of a modern recurve bow is between 20 and 25 inches. The Olympics only allows recurves. The typical price of recurve bow is between $100 and $300, although some can cost up to nearly $1,000. Expensive recurve bows are for experienced archers.


Compound Bows

new bow
This is my new Mathews Z7.

Compound bows are similar to recurve bows except they are more modern. Using a system of pulleys and wires to operate and can give let-off or give no let-off. Since compound bows are more technological they can shoot arrows further than a recurve bow can.

History of Bows

The most popular type of bow used today is the compound which first came out in 1969. Unlike the recurve bow, compound bows have many more parts like the cam and limb pockets. Limbs of a recurve bow are stiff. The limbs of a compound bow are even stiffer making it more energy efficient.  Made from light materials. Due to the difference in materials, compound bows are easier to transport and they are more durable, especially in bad weather.

Bow Maintenance

However, compound bows will need more maintenance than a recurve bow since they are more advanced. They have room for add-ons and attachment such as sights and rests. Restringing your compound bow is part of it’s maintenance. It does require a bow press.

Prices for Archery Equipment

The typical price of a compound bow is usually more expensive than the price of a re-curve bow, ranging from between $300 and $700 although there are some that are available for a higher price. It is important to remember that since compound bows are more popular archery equipment, there are many brand names available and advocates of certain brands may try to sway you into buying a specific bow. Do not rush your decision if you are looking to get a compound bow but be sure to choose one that you can best handle, afford, and take care of.


Which One is Right For You?

Deciding on whether to choose a recurve bow or a compound bow is a choice that should be taken seriously. Especially since both of these bows cost a lot of money. Recurve bows are most recommended for beginners due to their traditional design, ease of use, cheapness in price, and lower-level of maintenance. They serve as good practice tools for getting into advanced archery. Beginners can use compound bows if they wish but they are much more expensive than recurve bows so it is sometimes better to go with the easier, cheaper option just in case you decide that archery is not something that you can handle or enjoy.


More experienced archers may find the accuracy of compound bows more desirable than the accuracy of a recurve bow. They will also have more knowledge of bow maintenance. Making it easier for themselves if anything goes wrong with the bow. It is important to analyze the differences between each bow.

Do not jump to buy the most attractive, expensive fastest-shooting bow, especially if you are just looking to show it off. Instead, buy the bow that you feel most comfortable starting off with and work your way up.

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Jeff Stevens is a writer and co-creator of the hunting website He enjoys fishing, hunting, playing the guitar, and writing. He recently helped to write an article about the compound vs recurve bow for hunting.

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