Choosing The Right Camouflage Pattern

If you deer hunt choosing the right camouflage pattern can make a big difference in success and failure. Do you change your camouflage pattern to blend in with your environment?

Choosing The Right Camouflage Pattern
Pick a camouflage pattern that blends with the time of year you will be hunting.


Why Choosing The Right Camouflage Pattern Matters

I think it is important when deer hunting to naturally blend in with the foliage around you. There are many different brands of camouflage on the market to choose from. It’s important to pick one that is similar to the foliage you will be hunting. The last thing I want when hunting big bucks is for a buck to see me before I see it. Deer are smart, especially big bucks. I do believe that the number one thing deer see is movement, but I also believe you need to blend in.

Blending In

Early in the season the foliage is mostly nice and green. That’s when I like to use the US Army ca-mo pattern. I was in the Army, and I really like that pattern early in the season. I’ve had big bucks, and does for that matter walk right up to me when I have this pattern on. As long as I have foliage around me and I don’t make any movement that the deer can pick up on they won’t see me. I like to make sure I wear a head net, paint my face, and wear gloves. This pattern works well all when everything is nice and green. When the leaves change and I’m hunting in hardwoods I like to find a pattern that is similar to the colors of the hardwoods. Realtree and MossyOak have some wonderful patterns for all times of the year.

Snow Pattern

If I was to ever go to Canada deer hunting in the snow I would wear a good snow pattern to blend in. It’s always good to give yourself every little edge you can when hunting, especially for big bucks. Blending in is just one more way to help you be more successful at constantly taking trophy whitetails.

One time I was perched in a white oak early during bow season. The leaves were still green and I had foliage all around me. I had on a camouflage pattern that matched my background, and I had a nice eight pointer come right up to my tree. I had my face painted and my gloves on. He never even saw me. My camouflage did its job, I just didn’t do mine. I missed him at almost point blank range, he ducked my arrow and ran out in a clear cut and turned around and started blowing at me, but he never saw me because I blended in. That buck could not figure out what I was, I looked like a tree to him. That’s why it’s important to blend in, you will be more successful if you do.

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  1. You mentioned you like to use US military camo at certain times of the year, have you tried using DepSoc360 camo used by US military snipers?

  2. I can testify to how well camo works. I was bow hunting with a friend. We picked out a tight group of three pine trees to set up in. Suddenly I realized my compass was missing. I figured I must have dropped it on the trail so I went back down the trail looking for it. Found it and returned to our spot among the group of pine trees. However, when I returned I was surprised to find my friend no longer there. I had been gone only a minute. “Where could he have gone?” I thought. Then suddenly movement caught my eye and my friend appeared out of thin air right where I had left him. I was fully convinced from that moment that camo works. It fooled my eyes even though I knew a person was supposed to be standing there. Think of how much more it fools the deer who don’t know you’re there and aren’t expecting you.

  3. Hello my name is Dennis Shamblin and I have written a new novel titled Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia. This book is a great read and your can get it through Amazon. Smear peanut butter around your tree stand, and what color your camo doesn’t matter.

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