Bow Season Opening Day Right Around Corner

Bow Season Opening Day

freak nasty buckWell it’s about three weeks until the whitetail bow season opening day here in Kansas. Today I went to check one of my trail cameras and put up a stand. I had put out some Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend about a week ago in this honey hole which is one of my favorite bow hunting spots.

Pictures of Bucks

We couldn’t wait to see our pictures. tall tine buckBecause when I first put this camera out as I was riding my four wheeler down the edge of the cornfield coming out. I saw a huge buck. I was certain was “Tall Tine”.  We hadn’t seen him since last October 10th. We were afraid he died. But sure as the world when I checked my sd card he was back bigger and better than ever. I got a ton of pictures of many other bucks. One really nice non-typical freak nasty buck with three main beams and about 13 to 15 points.

Opening Day Soon

bow season opening day

I am really pumped up and ready to get after the big boys and bow season opening day can’t get here soon enough.

How about you have you got your stands up and cameras out? How about food plots? If you planted food plots how are they looking? We have had some decent rain here in the mid-west and it is a lot cooler this year than it was last year at this time. Plus last season was terrible with EHD in Kansas. Other states as well but hopefully the cooler weather and rain will help keep that stuff away this year. I was really worried about there being any big bucks this year because I was afraid EHD had just about wiped them off them out. But it looks like this is going to be a great season, fingers crossed.

I have been practicing with my bow daily, and the Mathews Z7 is shooting so sweet and ready to go! We owe it to the deer to make sure we are able to make good clean shots. Practice in all types of conditions so we can be confident when it comes time to take a shot. So lets get out there and practice.

Have a great up-coming deer season everyone.

10 thoughts on “Bow Season Opening Day Right Around Corner”

  1. Good luck to you man, I went bow hunting last week and I shot a 8 point and I couldn’t find it. I hope you kill the deer that are on your camera. You have some nice ones, I have been to Kansas one time, but I went up there to duck hunt and when I was driving around I saw a ton of huge bucks in the corn fields there.

  2. Good look this season I just opened mine with a similar deer to the one on your picture. Didn’t have much time but last week was incredible!

  3. I am very glad that the hunting season in the Midwest has started. I wish good luck to all hunters this season!

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