Whitetail Season Successful No Big Buck

whitetail seasonWell this whitetail season has been a good one for me here in Kansas. Even though I haven’t been able to get that big buck on the ground with my bow. I have seen as many as sixteen different nice racked bucks. But I have only seen one really nice buck that I would have shot given the chance.

Whitetail Season

early whitetail season

I have filmed several young but promising bucks. But the one big boy I saw was locked down with a doe about one hundred yards across a field. He just would not leave the doe he was with. To come to the many different calls I used to try and lure him into bow range. Having a very busy work schedule during the rut didn’t help me at all. And the the moon phase during the rut  seemed to really have the big boys moving at night and has made for a tough deer season.

Bucks Hit List

I had three bucks on my hit list as of early October. But since that time I have not gotten any trail camera pictures of any of those three shooters on my hit list. We hope they make it through the season if I’m not able to get one on the ground by the end of the Kansas whitetail season.

Filmed Hunt

I was able to film myself shooting a big Kansas doe with my bow on Thanksgiving morning. My freezer was empty and I needed to feed my family. She was a big beautiful doe with a very light tan coat and white patches on all of her feet. I have many trail camera pictures of her and had told myself if given the chance I would take her.

Still Hunting Hard

Not having a single shooter on my trail cameras since early October has been very puzzling to me and frustrating. I have continued to hunt hard in hopes of catching a big buck cruising looking for does on the 120 acre tract that I hunt here in northeast Kansas. Now that the rut is pretty much winding down and we are having some really cold weather. I am focusing on late season food sources. As I write this it is about 17 degrees and snowing. The deer really need carbohydrates to stay warm so I will be hunting somewhere close to corn. If you have late season food sources this time of year it can be a huge advantage to set up near those food sources.

Always Good To Get Out in the Woods During Whitetail Season

How has your deer hunting been? Even though I haven’t been able to take a big buck, I consider this whitetail season to be a success. Just being able to see so many bucks at such close range. And  to be able to film them and to take a big Kansas doe has made it a fun year. Any time away from the rat race is well spent. Just to see the sun come up on a cold crisp November morning is a blessing, and one that I will always love.

Send us those pictures of your whitetail season and share your success stories with us, we’d love to hear them. Thanks for stopping by and an early Merry Christmas everyone.

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