Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical Bucks

By Adam Doby

Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical BucksThe top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucks are absolutely amazing and I wanted to share them with you here. Indiana and Kansas recently had a couple of 300″ bucks join the top ten(at this time they may be unofficial). I recently did a post “The Top Ten Boone and Crockett Typical Bucks” and I wanted to also do one on the top ten Boone and Crockett Non typical bucks. Hope you enjoy this unofficial list of the top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucks.

Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical Bucks

  1. Hunter: Picked Up

    Score: 333 7/8 Location: Missouri Year: 1981 Found in northern St Louis inside a fence along a road. A hunter saw him and told the game warden who got permission to retrieve it. Just an awesome buck.

  2. Hunter: Picked up(Hole in the Horn Buck)

    Score: 328 2/8 Location: Ohio Year: 1940 This huge buck was hit by a train and was acquired by sportswriter Dick Idol. A few decades later and he had it scored and declared it was the new number one buck. It had to go before a panel of judges and due to a rules interpretation didn’t score as much as originally thought. Still today comes in at number two and is a incredible deer. Check out this great video on The Hole in the Horn buck.

  3. (unofficial pending panel judging) Hunter: Picked Up

    Score: 312 1/8 Location: Northeast Kansas Year: 2013 Check out this buck, this is the worlds first true 50 pointer and new Kansas state record. A hunter had trail camera pictures and sheds of this buck and when the trail camera pictures of him stopped he went looking. There was a bad outbreak of EHD reported in the area and sure enough he found him dead.

  4. Hunter: Tony W. Lovstuen

    Score: 307 5/8 Location: Iowa Year: 2003 Can you say largest whitetail ever taken by a hunter? Tony’s father actually got a shot at this buck in 2001 and grazed him. Trail camera pictures told them the buck was still alive and Tony was able to hunt a youth hunt in early 2003. His dad put him on the buck and he shot him with his muzzle-loader and hit the deer back but was able to recover the buck the next day.

  5. Hunter: Tim Beck

    Score: 305 7/8 Location: Indiana Year: 2012 Tim usually takes two weeks off to hunt during the Indiana gun season. Opening day 2012 turned out to be his lucky day the buck followed a doe into a corn field and Tim shot him at around 50 yards. Just an amazing world-class trophy buck!

  6. Hunter: Jerry D. Bryant

    Score: 304 3/8 Location: Illinois Year: 2001 Jerry took this buck on a buddies farm with his crossbow which he hunted with due to an injury. The buck followed a doe in and he shot him at 15 yards.

  7. Hunter: Tony Fulton

    Score: 295 6/8 Location: Mississippi Year: 1995 Tony’s wife urged him to go hunting that day and he went to a small food plot he had planted behind his house. This buck followed a doe out and Tony shot him.

  8. Hunter: Scott R. Dexter

    Score: 295 3/8 Location: Illinois Year: 2004

  9. Hunter: Jonathan R. Schmucker

    Score: 295 3/8 Location: Ohio Year: 2006

  10. Hunter: Michael D. Beatty Score: 294 Location: Ohio Year: 2000


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