Five Handy Off Season Deer Hunting Tips

off season deer hunting tipsDeer season may be over until this fall but the earlier you can start preparing the better. I wanted to share with you these five off season deer hunting tips. To help you be ready to get out and get that big brute this year.

Off Season Deer Hunting Tips

  1. Learn about Whitetail Behavior and habitat: The more you know about whitetails and their habitat the better prepared you will be. When hunting season comes around you’ll be ready. Learn to pattern the deer. It will help you to be able to pick good stand locations that increase your odds of harvesting that big boy. Read deer hunting books, magazines, get on the internet. Go to seminars, join clubs like the Quality Deer Management Association etc. Knowing what the deer are doing at certain times of the year and why can and will help you solve the big buck puzzle.
  2. Practice Quality Deer Management Where You Hunt: Quality deer management can improve your deer herd. Increasing your odds at getting that buck of a lifetime. Planting food plots and or starting a supplemental feeding program can help the health of your deer herd and attract and hold deer on your property. Learning about and implementing quality deer management will tremendously improve your overall deer hunting experience.
  3. Get Fit for Deer Season Now: Starting an off season fitness program can make a big difference when deer season rolls around. Being fit you will stay in the woods longer. You will be more alert. It will help you when scouting, putting up deer stands, checking trail cameras etc. Eating healthy and getting fit makes you a better deer hunter.
  4. Make Your Deer Hunting Equipment Checklist Now:
  5. By starting your deer hunting equipment checklist now you will have an idea of things that you need or want to get before next deer season. Prioritize which ones you want to get first. A lot of products will be on sale this time of year and you can get some really good deals. Buying the  things you need throughout the year will be a lot easier on your wallet. Rather than having to purchase them all right before the season.
  6. Practice With Your Bow or Gun Throughout the Year: Practice makes perfect and a lot of practice makes you even more perfect. Always practice as much as you can, make it fun, practice in your gear you will be hunting in, like gloves, head net etc…  Also practice with friends and family and even make it competitive. Go to 3d ranges or gun ranges and shoot.

    Practice shooting your bow in the gear you will be wearing in the field.

These are just a few tips that will help you be better prepared to get after those whitetails. When September rolls around you will be ready. What are some of the off season deer hunting tips you use? Do they help you be more prepared for deer season to get your big bucks?


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  1. I love it man! Im quite aware of these tips, but not the best instructor. My sons been getting into the hunting game, and this is some great stuff to show him. Thanks for the info!

  2. Your article reminded me a lot my childhood when I often went with my father and my neigbors to hunt deers and rabbits in the forest near where we we lived, thanks for your tip

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