Whitetail Rut is the Best Time of Year to Hunt

Whitetail Rut is the Best Time of Year to HuntThe whitetail rut is the best time of year to hunt. If you want to consistently kill big bucks. I know, tell us something we don’t already know. I’m sure you are all aware of this fact. We all know that it’s the females fault too. Nothing like a doe in heat. She’ll make even the smartest of bucks do something completely out of his character, and make a fatal mistake.

Fall and Whitetail Rut Best the Time of Year

The leaves are turning color and starting to fall. The acorns are dropping and the bucks are starting to make scrapes and are getting out of their normal summer feeding patterns more and more. That big buck that you have only been getting night time trail camera pictures of will start showing up, more and more during daylight hours. Not all but some will. But usually during the rut even the most nocturnal bucks will show up during the day if there are hot does in the area. There is nothing like being in the deer stand during sweet November. When the rut kicks in and the action  heats up and the bucks are on the move.

My favorite time of the year is November with a fresh frost on the ground and the big boys come out to play. There is nothing like it. Just being there when the bucks are moving increases your odds of killing a big one tremendously. The increase in a bucks testosterone during the rut causes them to let down their guard. Way more than they usually would. Making the whitetail rut the best time of the year to hunt by far in my opinion. Most of you would probably agree.daylight buck

I hope everyone has a great season and don’t forget to take someone hunting that otherwise might not have a chance. You will make memories that will last a lifetime and just may get someone involved in the outdoors that may not have otherwise.



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