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deer huntingThe best time of the year to go deer hunting is now. The whitetail rut is quickly approaching, Wether you enjoy bow hunting, rifle hunting or even if you use a crossbow now is the time to get in the woods. Above all to enjoy some great whitetail action. Always make sure to check your local regulations before heading out to make sure you are complying with your states laws.

Deer Hunting Whitetails

For most states bow season has been in full swing and now rifle seasons are opening up in many states. The bucks are getting more aggressive every day. Testosterone builds up to get the bucks primed for mating season. They will start to eat less and be on the move scoping out the does more and more and that makes it a great time to be in the woods.  The bucks will move more and more during the pre rut and rut during daylight hours than they normally would.bucks fighting

Does main focus is to eat and get fattened up for the long cold winter and pregnancy. As the days get shorter the the bucks start to spar. They establish dominance in order to protect his does from the smaller bucks. Sometimes the fighting can be intense and the stronger more dominant buck will prevail.

During the pre rut and rut the bucks will do things that they normally wouldn’t do. That makes them more vulnerable to hunters who head to the woods this time of year. Knowing it is the best time of year to kill big bucks. Anyone that has tried to kill a mature buck can tell you it is not easy. Because they are very smart and their instinct to survive is pretty amazing, but when testosterone levels rise the odds of him making a fatal mistake are more likely than normal.

As you can tell now is the best time of the year to get out and go deer hunting. Take someone that might not have a chance to go otherwise. You will make memories that last a lifetime. Being in the woods on a cold frosty morning and watching that sunrise come up will make it all worth getting out of that nice warm bed. God has blessed us all with nature get out and enjoy it.whitetail-kansas-buck




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