Whitetail Deer Hunting Stories

whitetail deer hunting stories
I have some great whitetail deer hunting stories at this location in Kansas where this buck was caught on camera.

I wanted to share some great whitetail deer hunting stories I recently ran across. Every year we read about these wonderful hunts during the season and I just wanted to share a few of the great ones I’ve seen with you. That’s what makes hunting so special is the wonderful stories and memories we make out in the field with family and friends.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Stories

I was over at my friend Marian’s blog Marian’s Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc… and I saw a story she had posted about a Pennsylvania hunter named Cory who took the biggest buck of his life. Cory was bowhunting on public land in Pennsylvania. It is a really cool story that I knew you all would like. After reading the story, I think Cory is a great example of exactly what having great respect for the animals we hunt is all about. You can click Cory’s Monster PA Buck to read it. Also check out Marian’s blog while your over there. She does a wonderful job and has been a blogging friend of mine for many years.

QDMA Field to Fork

I get newsletters occasionally from a great organization the QDMA*NDA.  In the last newsletter there is a awesome story about a man who was in the Farmer’s market and was offered some venison by a man that is involved in a great QDMA program called Field To Fork. Field to Fork mentors partner with new hunters to help them be knowledgeable and ethical good hunters, and stewards of the land. The author tells the mentor he would like to get into hunting to provide his family food. Then he takes the Field to Fork program, and it’s just a great story I know you will enjoy. Click After 30 Years, My First Deer to read it.

Deer Hunting Blog

I was over checking out one of my favorite deer hunting blogs at Big Deer With Mike Hanback. He posted this great whitetail deer hunting story from Indiana. It looks like Indiana is producing some really nice bucks this year. You can read the full story at Indiana: Trace Koble’s Deer Reduction Zone Giant Buck.

buck we named "Tall Tine"
When I was deer hunting in Kansas this is the buck I most wanted.

Do you have a great story to share? Send it to us and we will add it to our weekly post of weekly great stories. We hope everyone is having a great deer season so far. Getting out in the great outdoors with your families and friends is what it is all about. Thanks for stopping by folks.





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