Best Deer Hunting Rifles Reviews

Included in our best deer hunting rifle review post is the Winchester Model 70 seen here leaning against this oak tree.
This is my Winchester model 70 topped with a Tasco scope.

The top experts weigh in on their best deer hunting rifles to use when hunting the elusive white tailed deer. There are many different opinions on this subject. So we decided to give you some of the experts reviews as to let you check them all out and decide for yourself. I am no expert on the best deer hunting rifles. But if I were guessing I would say the 30-06 has taken more deer than any other caliber. That is pure speculation on my part. So I’m going to turn it over to the experts and let them help you decide what you think.

Best Deer Hunting Rifles Reviews

These websites are listed in no particular order, I just thought these were all very good. Rather than linking to their reviews I picked a gun that I liked from each of their reviews and listed it in the paragraph about their review with a link to each gun. If you would like to see each of their individual reviews just click the link to their website which I’ve included and do a search for Top Deer Hunting Rifles and it should come right up.

Here is a really good youtube video that may help some of you, it’s called “Top Five guns for deer hunting.”

  • OutdoorWorld Reviews

    -Outdoor World obviously did there research and have a great review of their top 15 in their opinion with a lot of valuable information on different calibers and mostly they stuck to bolt actions with a few exceptions. I like that they list their pros and cons of each rifle. They also give each one a star rating at the end. They have Winchester XPR at the top of their list as well as Winchester model 70 featherweight. I would really like to have one of those XPR’s by the way.

  • Ranger Expert

    – Has a really good top ten review that list some awesome rifles and a lot of great information about them so go check their review out. They list the Timber Classic Marlin 336C which is a great lever action which some hunters these days probably never even thought about.

  • Barrett Rifles

    – They have done some great reviews and their top ten best deer rifles review is awesome. He list the Winchester Model 70 30-06 at the top of the list and I just love that rifle.

  • Outdoor Life

    – As always Outdoor Life has a great review that I wanted you to check out. They include a great gun in my opinion the Open-Country Stalker Nosler M48 Patriot. I have to have one of these bad boys for sure.

  • Field & Stream

    – They have always been a great source of information for anything in the field. And it is hard to argue with their top ten, it packs a punch when it comes to the cream of the crop of deer rifles. They have the Remington Model 700 in there which has probably killed more deer than any other gun.

  • North American Whitetail

    – They have a great review for their top deer rifles for 2020 that has some awesome rifles. They list the Weatherby Mark V Backcountry Ti and it sure is a nice rifle, especially if you are carrying a pack and heading deep into the backcountry.

  • Legendary Whitetails blog

    – Not only do they have some really cool apparel they also have a great blog. Legendary Whitetails has a great review and they list the 6.5 Creedmoor. Which  is probably the one of the most highly debated topics in deer camps and gun shops across the country.

  • Gun News Daily

    –  They have a review of the best calibers for deer hunting and they have a lot of great information like maximum effective ranges and other factors like muzzle velocity and muzzle energy which are critical when it comes to whitetail hunting. They list the Remington 7mm Magnum which packs quite the punch.

  • Outdoorever

    – They have a great review that also list the pros and cons of each rifle and it is a great review. They list the Sako A7 Big Game Bolt-Action Rifles which are really good rifles.

  • Wide Open Spaces

    – They always have great articles and their “5 Hunting Rifles That Won’t Break the Bank” is another great one. They listed the Ruger American rifle compact which is an awesome pick that I sure would like to have.

Picking the right Rifle

As you can see there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to the best deer hunting rifles. There really are a lot of really good ones out there. It really depends on where you are hunting and what maximum effective range you need where you are hunting. A well placed shot will do the trick on most big game animals. Regardless of caliber if you hit the right spot you will likely be having fresh venison. Accuracy is not the only factor of course but in my opinion the most critical factor.

one of the best deer hunting rifles
My Springfield 30-06 with wooden stock and Tasco 3×9 scope.

For my money and all the different factors I love the 30-06 Springfield it has always been a good one. That doesn’t mean I think it’s the best. It depends on a lot of different factors and for each hunter that may be different. One that isn’t brought up much is  the Winchester Model 70 7mm wsm. It’s just a great shooting rifle to me personally.

Choosing the right rifle for yourself can be a fun adventure and you can always buy more than one. You can never have enough good deer rifles, right? I’m sure your wife or girlfriend would agree. Wink. What is you choice when it comes to best deer hunting rifles?

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