Twin Albino Deer

Albino deer twins
Twin albino deer Michigan.

My aunt sent me some pictures of twin albino deer, that a friend of hers sent her from Quincy Michigan. These are some very neat pictures.

Twin Albino Deer

I have been deer hunting twenty seven years and have never seen an albino deer. I don’t even know anyone that has seen an albino deer. So when you do see one it is pretty uncommon. I’ve always wanted to see one while out in the woods. I harvested a nice nine pointer in south Georgia on Flint River WMA, and it had some piebald deer in it, I believe. It had white patches just above its hooves. I have the buck mounted and the legs are mounted as a rifle rest. This buck had a lot of character. I can always tell when a person is a deer hunter when they come to my house, they are the only ones that notice the piebald traits in the mount.twin-albino-deer

 I have heard of a lot of people seeing or harvesting a piebald deer. They are more common than albinos. I have seen some very nice piebald’s that have been harvested. I would like to harvest a nice piebald buck and have a full mount done. I bet that would cost a pretty penny. Notice the pink hooves and eyes of the twins. Albinos are at a disadvantage from the very start. It is hard for them to stay concealed from predators.

I really like the feeder her husband made. Browning would be proud of it.

Favorite Fruit Trees for Deer

On a different note, It looks like the fruit trees at our deer hunting property are starting to bloom. The deer love fruit trees. Some of the deer’s favorite fruit trees are apple, crabapple, persimmon, wild plum, pear, peach. Now is the time to fertilize oak trees, mature fruit trees, honeysuckle.Also now is a great time to put out minerals/salt for deer. A great way to do this is select an area and dig a hole about three feet in diameter and about a foot and a half deep. Mix a 25 lb. bag of salt/mineral mixture with about the same amount of soil put mixture in the hole and put a mineral block on top.It’s hard to believe April is almost here. 

Spring Food Plots

And it is the time to plant spring food plots for deer, rabbit, and turkey. And plant cool season reseeding annual mixtures. Soil samples will help determine how much lime to put out. Tilling the soil before planting will be beneficial when done in conjunction with putting lime on spring food plots for deer. The new spring food plots that we will be planting this spring have been tilled up and will be tilled again when we plant them.

Also it’s not to late to get out and find those sheds of those big bucks. They Should be still dropping them. I would love to find big boys sheds. I went last Monday but I didn’t find any. But I had a great time out looking for them.

Editors note: This is a post I did in 2008 that was lost and recently recovered.

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