What to Pack For A Deer Hunting Trip

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Whenever you get a chance to go on a quick hunt it’s best to have a list of things to pack for a quick deer hunting trip. There is nothing worse than getting to the woods and realizing you forgot something that you really need to have a good hunt. The following is our list of things not to forget. We will even include a list you can print out to help you get ready quicker.

Pack for a Quick Deer Hunting Trip

It’s almost critical to have a good hunting backpack to keep all your gear in while in the field. It’s just a must if you are a deer hunter. So we’ll put that first and foremost. Get a backpack if you plan on deer hunting. This list is just what I like to pack you may add or delete items at your discretion. 

Pack for a Quick Deer Hunting Trip

  • Backpack– one of our most critical items. We keep most of our necessities in our backpack almost at all times. A camouflage backpack is recommended.
  • Flashlight– A good flashlight is highly recommend. Always keep your batteries fresh and keep a extra pair of batteries. I keep a red lens to put on my flashlight when going to and from my stand and when I’m in the stand. Some hunters prefer a headlamp. 
  • Knife– I don’t go anywhere without a good knife. I keep one on my belt at all times when I am in the woods and I keep a pocket knife in my pocket at all times. You need one to gut your deer and one to perform small task at any given moment.
  • Weapon of choice– bow, gun, or crossbow
  • Arrows, bullets, bolts(crossbow arrows), etc…
  • Release– If you are bow hunting keep your release fastened to your bow while in the case and always keep a backup release in your backpack.
  • Hydration– good old fashioned water is best. Always pack enough water for the trip. I keep a water bottle in my pack.
  • Food– snacks, sandwiches, etc.. If you get hungry you won’t hunt long. Pack some food.
  •  Calls– grunt call, bleat call, etc..
  • first aid kit– you never know when you may need a bandaid or some ibuprofen etc… A good first aid kit could save your life.
  • cell phone– it is always good to have a way to communicate when out in the field. It could save your life.
  • Safety Harness– always wear a safety harness when hunting elevated off of the ground. The Hunter safety system tree stand lifeline saved my life possibly. You can read about that at the link.
  • Orange Vest– or required orange
  • Hat– ball cap, beanie etc.. Whichever kind you prefer. Choose according to the weather.
  • Boots– A great pair of hunting boots is a must. Having a pair for each kind of weather is best.muck boots
  • Camouflage clothing– Jackets, shirts, pants etc… Dress in layers in accordance with the weather.
  • Insulated underwear– a must in cold weather.
  • Hunting Gloves– have a pair for each type of weather and keep an extra pair in your backpack in case you drop one or they get wet.
  • Rope– It’s always good to have a couple of ropes. One for pulling up your weapon and one for other task. Always check your ropes for cuts or frays or dry rotting.
  • Scent control products– I use a spray scent eliminator and a cover spray to mask my scent and an attractant scent to lure in deer.
  •  Toilet Paper– Essential Item! I keep a ziploc with toilet paper folded in my back back it packs better than a roll that takes up a lot of space.
  • Pee bottle– Some people pee off the stand but I keep a big gatorade bottle in my backpack to pee in. It’s a matter of preference.
  • Lighter or fire starter– You never know if you might get lost in the woods and may have to spend the night. And having a way to start a fire is a huge plus.
  • Limb Saw– You never know when you might need to trim a limb. 
  • Map and Compass– It is always good to have a map and a compass when out in the wilderness.top map for hunting
  • Binoculars– a good set of optics is a huge plus.
  • Head-net or Camouflage paint for face concealment.
  • Coveralls or bibs for cold weather.
  • Insect repellant or Thermacell for bugs in warm weather.
  • Snake bite kit– for warmer weather
  • Wet weather gear– poncho or rain suit
  • Cooler– for food and drinks
  • Cooler– to pack meat if you skin and quarter your own meat

Okay I could go on and on. I probably left something off of this list so just add or delete any items you need to.

Here is the list you can print out and mark off items as you pack them. We hope you find this helpful.

Print: Pack for a Quick Deer Hunting Trip

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The following is a video we made to hopefully help you pack for your next hunting trip.

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