Archery Hunting Deer From the Ground

Archery hunting deer from the ground can be extremely challenging, but rewarding as well. I have found a few things to think about over the years that really help when hunting from the ground.

You can ask what is the best way to hunt for the area you are hunting? Public land hunting will be different than if you are hunting private land. The different types of hunting from the ground are spot and stalk, still hunting, building and hunting from a natural blind, popping up and hunting from a commercial blind. Increase your odds at success by controlling movement, using camouflage, use scent control and wind to your favor, keep noise to a minimum, hunt food and water sources.

buck taken in Kansas with a bow

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Before Archery Hunting Deer From the Ground

So you’re going hunting with your bow and you are planning to hunt from the ground and deciding your best options. Before you go you might want to consider a few things that may help you be successful.

Where You are Hunting Determines Best Type of Hunting To Do

Where you are hunting can help you determine your best option. If you are hunting private land you may have more options than if you are hunting public land. How you want to hunt can be decided by weighing all the options where you are hunting. If you hunt out west you may want to do a spot and stalk hunt. Or you may want to set up a blind in the edge of a food plot if you are hunting private land. It all just depends on your options available. 

archery hunting public land

Types of Hunting From the Ground

Spot and Stalk

Spot and stalk hunting is where you get to a vantage point where you can observe deer from a distance and when you see one you want to pursue to try and get a shot at you stalk it. Having good optics and using the wind to your favor will increase your odds.

Still Hunting

Different than spot and stalk, still hunting is probably the most difficult way to archery hunt deer from the ground. You ease through the woods or brush or cornfield etc.. and look for deer and try to get close enough to get a shot. It takes extreme patience and skill.

Build Your Own Natural Blind

You can construct a blind to help conceal you by using down tree limbs or brush or set up beside a stump or rock etc… If you don’t have a commercial blind you can make your own.

Commercial Blind

Popping up a commercial blind is one of the most common ways of archery hunting deer from the ground these days.There are many different sizes with different camouflage patterns to choose from to help you blend in with the surroundings.
They are a great way to get close to deer. A blind will keep you dry on wet rainy days letting you spend more time in the woods.
Also some people might not be able to climb up in a tree stand and a blind is a great option for them. It is best to put the blind up and brush it in early so the deer will get used to it. Although you can have success the with a blind the first day you pop it up.

Factors to Increase Odds at Success


Use cover when moving from one spot to another stalking or still hunting. Staying behind trees bushes or terrain to conceal your silhouette. Don’t make any sudden movements as deer easily pick up on movement. It is best to move slowly. Also make sure you have plenty of room to draw your bow back without hitting something when doing so.



Match your camouflage to the surroundings you will be hunting in. So you will blend right in to the environment. If you are hunting from a ground blind wear black clothing or dark camouflage.

Face paint if you are hunting from a blind wear black face paint.

Head net wear one to conceal your face.

Brush the blind in with limbs leaves etc…

Scent Control/ Wind Favor

Scent is critical when hunting from the ground. A deer can smell really good and if they smell you the game is over and they will be gone.

Cover Scent: use a cover scent to mask your own scent.

Attractant: Use an attractant scent to lure deer into range.

Pay attention to wind direction and hunt using the wind to your advantage. You want the wind to be blowing from where you think the deer will be to you. The wind in your face.

Noise Factors

Rake the leaves back before setting your blind up in an area so when you move around it isn’t as noisy. When still hunting or stalking move slowly and avoid stepping on sticks to be as quiet as possible.

Food/Water Sources

Setting up a blind where there are food or water is one of the best ways to get a deer. Set it up where there are white or red oak acorns dropping, or where wild persimmon, mushrooms, honeysuckle, various kinds of legumes are growing can be great places to hunt. Set up on water sources like a pond or creek crossing.

Food Plots
Putting a blind in the edge of agricultural crops or food plots can be a great way to get a deer.
If you don’t have the resources to do food plots baiting can be very effective. If baiting is legal where you hunt it can be a great tactic to set up a blind within your effective shooting range. 

Archery Hunting from the ground can be challenging but very fun and exciting. Getting close enough to deer to be able to take them with a bow can be one of the most exciting experiences you will ever encounter. The adrenaline rush of having a world class buck within bow range is like nothing I have ever felt. It takes practice and the more experience you get at it the better you will be. Each hunt is a learning experience that teaches us valuable lessons in the field.

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