Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

It’s the bottom of the ninth with two outs and your team needs a big hit. We don’t want to strike out so we need to be able to adjust our late season swing to make contact. What are some late season deer hunting tips to help us get a deer? We have tried a few and wanted to share some of them with you here to hopefully help you get that last minute buck you have been after all season.

To be successful we can locate and hunt downwind of late season food sources. Or we can sneak into the bucks bedroom undetected and hunt. Also it is good to find un -pressured spots and hunt them. Locate and hunt south facing slopes with cover near food sources and hunt them. Also we can monitor trail cameras and hunt where we see buck activity during daylight hours.

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buck taken late season

Some of our Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

Find and Hunt Late Season Food Sources

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Food sources are key this time of year for more than just the obvious reason. Of course deer need the nutrients to survive the harsh winter. Especially bucks who have just spent a lot of energy during the rut and lost a lot of weight.

But also if you have does at your food source some of them may not have been bred or got for lack of a better term knocked up in the initial breeding period. If one of them comes into heat late in the season there will be bucks close by when that happens. If you don’t have food sources late in the year on your property hopefully you have heavy cover that leads to a food source on your neighbors property.

If it is legal to bait where you hunt baiting this time of the year can be a huge game changer. Put out some corn and hunt it. The deer need carbs late in the season to stay warm.

Some Late Season Food Sources

  • Food Plots: green fields- oats, rye, peas, turnips, brassicas
  • Agriculture Crops: corn, soybeans, alfalfa, wheat
  • Browse: low growing green vegetation, forbs, bark, briars, acorns or nuts
  • Bait: whole or cracked corn, grains,
buck feeding on corn

Go to Your Bucks Bedroom

Heading into your hit list bucks bedroom can be risky. But it is late in the year and you have to decide if you want to take that risk. If you can get in there in the morning before he does without being detected it can be rewarding. But if he catches you he will probably have a new bedding area after that and could possibly never come back.

Find Unpressured Spots

If you know where everyone has been hunting on your property go where they haven’t been hunting. It could be a spot that no one has thought of. Think outside the box and dare to be different. It could be a funnel near the road or a spot near the camp, or you may have to get way back in the woods you just never know.

Find South Facing Slopes

If you have heavy cover near or on a south facing hill, that can be a great spot. Especially if it is near a food source. Deer love the spots where the sun shines the most on cold days. Also there will be more food on the south facing slopes. If you can set up close by with the wind in your favor that can be a late season hotspot.

late season deer hunting tips

Monitor Trail Cameras

moultrie trail camera

Trail cameras are such a helpful tool to us deer hunters year round and this time of year is no different. Keep track of your trail camera photos and if you see a buck you like moving during daylight hours hunt them if the wind is right. You have to have a favorable wind or you are just wasting your time and giving your buck a free education.

Don't forget Water

Don’t forget deer have to have water year round. Locate and hunt downwind of trails leading to or from watering holes on you hunting property. Even if there is a late season warm spell the water hole can be a great spot to pop up a blind and wait.

In Conclusion

Just because it’s late in the season it doesn’t mean it’s over. You have options and if you don’t give up it can pay off big time. 

Find the bedding areas near the food and hunt with the wind in your favor. Eventually you will get an opportunity if you persist. I have a friend that killed his biggest buck ever on the last day of the season right before last shooting light. That just shows you it’s never too late.

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