What Should You Pack When Deer Hunting? The Ultimate Checklist!

Are you planning on going deer hunting soon? Then you should make sure that you have everything you need! It’s crucial to pack the necessities not only for hunting and dressing your deer, but for your safety and survival as well. After all, you never know what will happen when you’re in the field.

Whether you’re new or an advanced hunter, it’s imperative to know what you need to pack and have it ready before your next hunt. But what should you be packing? Read on as I show you a detailed guide to the basic deer hunting pack to help you out!pack when deer hunting

What Should You Pack When Deer Hunting?

There are some hunters that forget to pack things that are detrimental in the field, while others over pack, with the weight bringing them down! To avoid any of those sticky situations, this is the ultimate checklist to ensure you have everything without it being overbearing in your pack:

  1. Safety Vest or Harness and Treestand Rope

Climbing a tree stand has its advantages, but you have to make sure you’re safe while on the way up! That’s why having your safety harnesses and a strong tree stand rope can help minimize any accidents while keeping you safe while up observing or aiming for your catch.

  1. Wind Checker and Compass

Sometimes, our GPS trackers won’t have the signal to detect your location or what the weather is. That’s why it’s important to still have the manual tools like a compass and wind checker to do the job for you. It keeps track when hunting educated bucks while preventing you from getting lost.

  1. Face Masks and Gloves

Whether you’re using a hunting blind or on an elevated stand, it’s important to use camo and cover your entire body, including your face and hands. It also helps keep you protected from sharp winds while protecting your hands when handling the weapons, may it be bow or gun.

  1. Bow Releases (for Bowhunters)

If you’re a bowhunter, it’s essential to bring extra arrows and bow releases in case of any accidents. In case the spring falls or the buckle breaks, don’t let that ruin the entire day. Having a backup will avoid the waste of time and you can proceed to hunting as planned.

  1. Necessary Tools

Having the small set of necessary tools like screwdrivers, a small wrench, electrical tape, and Swiss Army knives can help you get out of various sticky situations. It can be used for quick repairs of your hunting blind or bows. The more you hunt, you’ll see why these tools are needed.

  1. Rangefinder and Binoculars

Rangefinders are simply for ranging your game, helping you find where deer are and when you should start preparing your bow or gun. Owning and bringing a pair of good binoculars can also help you find where you should go in the field, finding your potential game from far away.

  1. Extra Batteries and Phone Power bank

Make sure that you bring an extra battery for your rangefinder, flashlight, and mobile phone. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing any battery and will be able to replace it, using it for a long time. Consider bringing a power bank if you can’t replace the phone battery.

  1. Foldable hand saw and pruners

Having this can help when dressing your game or in case you forgot to cut a limb on a tree while you set up a stand. These can also be used for other situations, similar to when packing your small set of tools. Just remember to pack and use them with caution!

  1. Deer attractants and scent elimination spray

Before you begin going in the field, it’s essential to spray yourself with scent-elimination spray. Having field wipes to wipe yourself down (or trees you touch) is also important to keep deers away from detecting you. Having buck calls and other deer attractants can improve the chances of deer coming near you, too!

  1. Flashlight and reflective trail-markers

Avoid getting lost when hunting in the woods by adding reflective markers or using bright orange tape to find your way out. These are also great when tracking deer you just caught or when you sense deer bedding you need to get back to later.

  1. Water and food

This is an obvious essential, because you need the energy to continue walking around or when waiting for hours at a time! Stay hydrated and replenished with the proper food and clean water. We wouldn’t want to be fainting or having deer hear your grumbling stomach!

  1. Gloves and garbage bags

Field-dressing gloves and garbage bags are another essential to ensure that your hands are free from bacteria while you handle your kill. The garbage bags will help keep the deer packs dry in case of a storm. You can also use the garbage bags for other survival needs.

  1. Lightweight Raincoat

While you already checked the weather for your hunting trip, you never know when a rainstorm can come! Make sure that you ring a  lightweight poncho or raincoat to keep you safe and dry. Get a foldable one to avoid it from taking up too much room.

  1. First aid and Survival Kit

Whether you’re camping or in a day trip, hunting comes with a few scrapes or scares. That’s why it’s essential to bring a first aid kit in case of minor injuries, as well as a survival kit if you happen to get lost or stuck.

Wrapping It Up

Many hunters would usually bring the basic hunting necessities and forget about the rest that are important for their survival! The importance of packing is evident regardless of how short or long they stay in the field. That way, you are able to shoot, dress, and carry your game back home while staying safe.

Hopefully, this article on what you should pack when deer hunting helped you figure out what to bring for your next hunt today. So don’t wait any longer and prepare wisely.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on deer hunting, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.