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Deer hunting is a great American heritage that has been enjoyed and handed down for years. Hopefully this deer hunting guide will help those just starting out. It is the deer hunter’s duty to be ethical hunter’s. Help preserve wildlife and it’s habitat. Pass on the heritage so future generations can enjoy this great American heritage for years to come. Enjoy DHBB’s deer hunting guide we think you will find it useful.

Deer Hunting Guide

If you plan on going deer hunting and you have never been, or if you are a seasoned veteran, there are some things you want to know before you do go. This is a deer hunting guide to help you be a better all around deer hunter. And be more successful consistently taking big bucks deer hunting. We especially hope this deer hunting guide can help others be prepared to make safe decisions when hunting. And help them make good safe choices when out in the field.

kansas monster buck feeding in November.
Deer hunting is a great American heritage.

Hunters Education Safety In The Field

Safety should always be your number one priority deer hunting. Us hunters owe it to ourselves, our families, and others to practice good safety when in the field. A lot of states require hunters to pass a hunters safety course.

A few Safety Tips:

  • Always point your weapon in a safe direction never point it at anyone
  • Treat your weapon as if it is loaded
  • Identify your target before taking a shot
  • Always wear a safety harness when climbing or hunting from a tree

Finding Places To Hunt

You need to have a place to hunt and finding a place to hunt seems to get tougher every year. Figuring out where you will be hunting varies for each hunter. If you have your own land that is a huge plus, where you can manage it and have a plan that you implement to better your odds at consistently scoring whitetails. Not everyone can afford to own their own land to hunt and has to find other options. There are many different options for hunters to find a place to hunt deer.  The following are a list of options of possible places to hunt for hunters.

Types of Hunting Land

  • Own Property: Owning your hunting property has many great advantages.
  •  Leased Property or Club: Many hunters lease property or join hunting clubs.
  • Land Owner Permission: One way to find a place to hunt is to get permission from land owners.
  • Public Hunting: There are many great public hunting opportunities out there. Check your Department of Natural Resources website for information on public hunting opportunities in the states you would like to hunt.
  • Paid Hunts: A lot of hunters pay to go on guided hunts or with outfitters. There are many great guide services and outfitters out there, be sure to check references and do your homework before paying anyone for any hunt. Here is a great website to help with finding outfitters.

Deer Hunting Regulations

Before hunting you need to study and know the regulations in your area. You must have the proper license and tags and know the season dates and bag limits and various other laws. Do your self a favor and know the hunting regulations where you will be hunting.


Scouting is a critical part to deer hunting. If you want to be a successful deer hunter scouting smart can help you be more consistent at taking big bucks. Before you ever set foot on a piece of property you can get do some inter-net scouting for a property and locate potential hot spots so that when you do go to the property and scout it for the first time you can save your self a whole lot of walking and time.

Scouting whether on-line or in the field can be the key to consistently being a better hunter. When I scout properties for the first time on foot if possible I like to walk the entire perimeter of the property looking for trails entering or leaving the property and I try to figure out where they are leading to and from and why. This is a basic scouting technique that can really help you get a picture of what is happening on the property if you know the food sources and water sources.


Deciding what type of weapon you want to use varies for each hunter. It all depends on what the individual hunters personal preference is, as to what weapon he chooses to use deer hunting. Most weapons have separate season dates for different states and some weapons are not allowed in certain states. Make sure you know the various laws for weapons types where you will be hunting.The following list are types of weapons used to hunt deer. Pick the best caliber for deer hunting the area where you hunt. If you have to take long shots your choice may be different than if you are hunting in thick brush.

  •  Muzzle-loader, Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun

Hunting Fitness

Deer hunting requires some physical exertion and being fit can help you become a better hunter. Consider starting some type of physical workout routine before taking to the field. But you should possibly consult your doctor first. Your workout should consist of weight bearing exercises and some type of cardiovascular exercise. Changing your eating habits to healthier choices like more fruits and vegetables. Staying properly hydrated by consuming more water can really help you get in to better condition. There are many ways to improve your fitness to be ready to be able to be ready to endure the physical demands of deer hunting. Being fit will help you be a better hunter.

Ways To Hunt Deer

There are several ways to hunt deer it all depends on each hunters preference and where you are hunting and how much pressure the deer are under. The following are some ways to hunt deer:

Stand Hunting: There are many different types of stands that can be used in different situations. Stand hunting has many advantages like your scent being above the animal and concealment.

  • Loc-on stands: strap or lock to the tree and must have steps to get in and out of great to set up and sneak in and hunt without making much noise
  • Tri-Pod stands: great for areas that doesn’t have trees to put other types of stands making it possible for you to still hunt elevated
  • Box stands: great for rainy or cold weather to help you stay comfortable and dry
  • Climber: gives you the advantage of being able to move around to new hot locations and use the wind to your advantage.

Still Hunting: Very slowly walking through deer habitat scanning the landscape for deer.

Hunting with Dogs: Hunting deer with dogs has been a tradition in the U.S. since around 1650. Today eleven states still allow deer hunting with dogs. It is a very controversial subject.

Deer Hunting Strategies

huge buck with glowing eyes
Deer hunting strategies can be fine tuned by doing your homework.

There are many different deer hunting big buck strategies that can help you be a more successful hunter. The strategies will vary depending on the  time of year, weather and location where you are hunting, you need to have a basic knowledge of how or what deer feed, when and where they move, find where bucks bed, and breeding phases and habits. Do your own research and get as much knowledge as you can about the habits of whitetails and implement those into the location you are hunting and consider all the many different factors that could affect your hunt. You can do your research online or get books and magazines to find great articles on strategies.


Having good proper equipment can make a huge difference in being a successful hunter. Equipment can be very expensive so do your homework to find the proper good quality equipment at prices that fit your budget.

The following is a broad list of deer hunting equipment to consider:

  • weapons
  • stands/blinds
  • optics
  • sunglasses
  • boots
  • clothing
  • calls
  • decoys
  • backpacks
  • scents/cover scents
  • trail cameras
  • arrows/bullets/broad-heads
  • safety harness

There are many great places to purchase deer hunting equipment, some of the places we purchase some of our equipment from links are listed below:

  • Cabela’s
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Sportsman’s Guide

Deer Vitals Chart

Being an ethical hunter means you need to do your best to know how to make a clean fatal well placed shot. Studying vitals charts can help you learn how to make the best shots to kill deer as quickly as possible and not wound deer. Just Google search deer vitals chart to find some good illustrations.

Scent Control

A white-tailed deers nose is his main line of defense. Scent control is very important and can help you remain undetected and be more successful at killing whitetails more consistently.

Scent Control Tips

  • Wash your clothes in a scent control clothes wash and dry with scent control dryer sheets and then store in scent free bags.
  • Keep your boots in a scent free container or bag until you get out of your truck to go hunting. I keep my boots in a scent free bag and I dust the insides of them with baking soda and put pine needles in the bag when I store them. Never pump gas in your hunting boots.
  • Take a scent free shower before each hunt if possible.
  • Spray yourself down with a scent free spray. Use cover scent and or an attractant scent.

Calling Whitetails

Calling whitetails can be a great way to bring them into range to be able to get a good shot. By learning whitetail vocalizations and knowing the deers language and what they are saying and how to make those vocalizations and when to make them can give you a huge advantage for killing more and bigger deer. Using grunt calls, bleat calls or rattling antlers or a rattle bag are great tools to have and know how and when to use them.

Types of Deer Vocalizations

  • Snort: danger “get out of here” , snort wheeze: aggressive, tells other bucks “this is my territory and I’ll whip your butt back off”
  • Grunt:  buck ball: throughout the year like a doe bleat but deeper “here I am” , tending grunt: during rut loud short grunts saying “come here” , attention grunt: louder more aggressive best to use during the rut the bucks will usually circle downwind. Softer shorter less aggressive use throughout year made by both bucks and does say “come to me”
  • Bleat:  lost contact: “here I am”   , estrous bleat: lets bucks know they are ready to breed, breeding bellow: bleat with extended bellow tells buck” I am ready to breed and I mean now”
  • Distress Bleat: cry throughout year “help”


There are many different products of scents that can help you to cover your scent or attract whitetails at different times of the season. Knowing what to use at certain times of the season can be a huge plus.

Types of Deer Scents and Attractants

  • Doe Urine: pre-rut doe urine and rut doe in estrous
  • Buck Urine: pre-rut buck lure and rut dominant buck lure
  • Cover Scents: wafers, liquids, and sprays-acorn, corn, pine, earth, apple, fox urine, skunk urine, and many others
  • Attractants: many different kinds available like persimmon, apple, corn, acorn and many others. Talk to other hunters and see what works best for them and try different ones out for yourself. See what works for you

Deer Hunting Reading Material

You can learn unlimited great information on white-tailed deer and deer hunting by reading some of the various top hunting blogs. Also on the inter-net websites and magazines and books.

Television Deer Hunting Shows

There are so many great deer hunting television shows out today. You can really learn a lot various tips and strategies by watching many of these shows. Some of my favorites are: Bone Collector, Major League Bowhunter, Drury Outdoors, North American Whitetail, Mid-West Whitetails. Also Spook Nation, Lee and Tiffany The Crush, Whitetail Freaks, Nock On, RealTree Road Trips, Primos, MossyOak, Heartland Bowhunter and many others.

Deer Hunting Videos

More than ever hunters are videoing their hunts and there are many different resources available to watch and learn from great deer hunting videos. YouTube has some awesome hunting videos and there are many great websites that have tons of deer hunting videos.

I filmed a potential Kansas state record typical with a bow of a buck we named “Horn Donkey“.

Filming Hunts Deer Hunting Guide

More and more hunters are starting to film their hunts. There are many different questions you should ask your self. To see if filming your hunts is something you want to pursue. Filming hunts can be expensive. So if you decide to purchase the equipment needed to film your hunts do some research. Decide what your goals are and get the proper equipment that fits your needs and your budget.

There are many different schools that teach how to film hunts. One that I have heard really good things about is Heartland Bowhunter film school.

Field Dressing Deer Hunting Guide

Once you kill a deer you need to know how to field dress it properly to ensure safe preparation of venison, and whether or not you will process the meat yourself or pay someone to process the meat for you. The following is a link for field dressing deer.

Cooking Venison

Venison when prepared properly can provide you and your family and friends a delicious nutritious meal. Venison is very tasty and a great food source for your family. You can find many great recipes and ways for cooking venison by searching for different recipes online or in books or magazines.


So you got the big one, now what? You can pay a taxidermist to mount the head or just the antlers or even do a full body mount. When choosing a taxidermist get references and look at some of their past work to see the quality of work that they are capable of doing. There are many different options as far as types of mounts and cost, and each hunter will have different preferences as to what he or she likes and can afford.

If you are interested in becoming a taxidermist there are many taxidermy schools that teach taxidermy.

Being an Ethical Deer Hunter

What does being an ethical deer hunter mean? First you must know what ethics are. Ethics include respect of a hunter towards the animal, fellow hunters, landowners and the sport. Ethics also covers issues like breaking laws of hunting, poaching,  and trespassing. To be an ethical hunter is to respect the game. Also the sport, other hunters and to obey game laws and to treat them all as you would want to be treated with respect and good sportsmanship.

Summary Deer Hunting Guide

whitetail deer hunting guide
We hope you have enjoyed the DHBB deer hunting guide.

We hope this deer hunting guide helps you even if just a little to become a better hunter. And appreciate everyone that helps us to make possible.

Deer hunting is a great American past time that get’s family and friends into the great outdoors. Spending quality time together, and making memories that will last a lifetime.  Deer hunting is much more than killing an animal. It is seeing the look on your child’s face when they see their first deer in the wild. Watching the sunrise over the hardwood ridge on that frosty November morning. It’s the sound of the red-tail hawk as you sit on your stand watching the squirrels. The family and friends sitting around that warm evening campfire. Sharing stories of the days hunt. It’s something that gets in your blood and you want to do every year for the rest of your life. Take a child or a friend deer hunting you will make memories that will last a lifetime. We hope you found our deer hunting guide helpful.


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