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Product reviews are something we love doing. One of the reasons I started was because of my passion for deer hunting. That passion has given me 35 years of experience in the field chasing whitetails. Using different products to try and increase my odds at harvesting whitetails especially trophy bucks.

Deer Hunting Product Reviews

We love doing product reviews. Let us help you sell your product. When you are chasing whitetails and you find a product that works you don’t want to go hunting without it. There are many great products coming out every day. But I also have some that I have been using for years and I stand by those products that work for me. I recently went to the Monster buck Classic in Topeka Kansas and the large number of great venders with so many awesome new products was just unbelievable. The hunting shows are always exciting for deer hunters like me. To be able to meet new people and see new products and seeing the big bucks. Field Test

We would love to do product reviews for you. You send us the product and we will do a field test and review it honestly and will give you our opinion. We promise to give an honest review and share it on our site with our readers. We have many visitors to our site each month. Most of them love deer hunting. By letting us review your product you will be getting your product exposed to our many customers who love deer hunting. We have had some exciting hunt here in Kansas the past few years. Even filmed a potential Kansas state record typical whitetail that was a truly world class animal and we plan on trying to film all of our exciting hunts in the future.

Check out our product review for Muck Boots.

List of Links to Product Reviews We’ve Done:

Boulder Pack Co Tactical Backpack Product Review

Great pack packs at great prices.

Women’s Woody Max Fleece Hunting Boot

Awesome women’s hunting boots.

Markhor Hunting Macho Montes 35 EVO 111 Backpack Review

Great hunting packs.

Muck Boots Woody Max

Favorite mens hunting boots.

Hoo-rag Bandanas

Cool bandanas.

Lion Essential Survival Tool Review

Awesome survival tool.

Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles Review

Great insoles.

SG 20 Adhesive Sealant For Outdoor Gear

Strong adhesive for outdoor gear.

House Of Jack Co Wallets Product Review

Awesome wallets.

Sterling Carbide Tool Sharpener

Great tool sharper.

Guardian Mosquito and Tick Repellent Product Review

Awesome organic insect repellant.

Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend Product Review

Wonderful deer blend.


If you would like us to do a product review for you just let us know. Feel free to fill out our contact form.

deer hunting product reviews
DHBB would love to do product reviews for your company.

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  1. I am the owner of a deer farm here in WV. I am starting a new organic deer scent company. I am having my website built right now we might be able to work something out. If you could give me a call at 304-612-4038 If you are interested. We hunt out there Kansas is awesome place.

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