Hoo-rag Bandanas

seamless bandanas
My beautiful wife sporting her new favorite bandana pony-tail style. She loves Hoo-rag bandanas.

I recently was contacted about doing a product review for Hoo-rag Bandanas. They are bandannas that are seamless cotton-polyester blended micro-fiber that is moisture wicking and lightweight. I always love doing product reviews so I asked them to send me a couple of Hoo-Rag Bandanas and I would try them out. I soon received two of them, one camouflage and one blue that my wife quickly laid claim to. We started looking at the many different ways you could wear the Hoo-rag Bandanas and immediately I knew I was going to like this product.

seamless bandanas
The Hoo-rag bandanas can be worn many different ways, wearing it as a face-mask while I am bow hunting is a personal favorite of mine.

Here are some of the different ways you can wear them

  1. face mask

  2. pirate rag

  3. beanie rag

  4. pony tail

  5. balaclava

  6. neck gaiter

  7. head ban

  8. head band on top

As you can see there are many different ways to wear these bandannas. They are very comfortable the material is very soft and good for blocking the elements.

I gave my camouflage a wash in some scent free detergent and stuck it in my backpack for bow hunting whitetails. We had a cold front come into Kansas on November 14th and I was in the tree that afternoon with 27 degree temperatures and 25 mile an hour winds. I quickly got my Hoo-rag on balaclava style and it kept me warm during tough winter conditions and kept my face from getting wind chapped or frostbit. I was able to stay in the stand that freezing November afternoon and was able to film myself killing a nice Kansas 8 pointer with my bow. If I wouldn’t have had my Hoo-rag I may have been tempted to get down out of the stand and head back to the house and get warm.

Now I keep it in my backpack at all times and I use it often. I’m hooked on this product now. And I don’t plan on going into the field deer hunting without one. I highly recommend you check them out and get you one. You won’t be sorry you did. I plan on getting my kids one to wear while waiting on the bus or playing outside. They would make a great Christmas gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

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  1. I meant to mention that Hoo-rag will customize your very on bandanas with your logo on them. There is a minimum order of 20 on the customized Hoo-rags.

  2. Do you know if these are 1 size fit all? These would be great to have on my company’s website country gear usa.

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