Lion Essential Survival Tool Review

This is a review for the Lion Essential Survival Tool. A great little survival tool that can be used in more ways than one. wants to first of all say thank you to Lion Outdoors™ for sending us an awesome survival tool to do a review on.

The Lion Essential Survival Tool bag
The Lion Essential Survival Tool is very lightweight and durable.

Lion Essential Survival Tool

The first thing I noticed when I got the Lion Essential Survival Tool was the quality of the very durable material that is military-grade nylon mesh and webbing, and the way it fit into a nice looking small carrying bag that can be easily attached to a backpack, belt or MOLLE straps and the light weight of it (only 14 ounces). As I studied the brochure I quickly found that the Lion Essential Survival Tool  has padded handles and two restraint straps. Is very strong tested to 2,030 lbs, and could be used in many different ways.

Different Ways To Use

  • Stretcher: can be used as an awesome stretcher with padded carrying handles, keeps head in supine position great carrier if needed to rescue wounded
  • Hammock: use it to keep yourself or your supplies off rocky, muddy or wet ground. Great for sleeping in the wilderness to stay elevated away from spiders and snakes (I’m all for that). Cozy enough to catch up on rest with a short nap or a long night outdoors. You can also put your supplies in it to keep unwanted creatures out of your stuff.
  • Shelter Frame: it can be used to make a frame, to put a shelter half or tarp over to have a place to be protected from the elements
  • Fishing Net: attach sticks to each end to make a net to catch fish or small game. Would be great to catch bait fish too.
  • Caddy: use it to carry firewood or loads of supplies or whatever. Can be used by 6 people each having a padded handle. Or throw it over your shoulder to help you carry loads easier.
  • Bear Bag: can be used to put supplies in and tie it hanging from a limb. To keep them out of reach

Versatile Tool

The Lion Essential Survival Tool hammock
The Lion Essential Survival Tool hammock is comfortable.

As you can see the Lion Essential Survival tool is very versatile. Giving you many great ways to help survive in the great outdoors. I easily attached it to my backpack and took it out to give it a try. It was easy to remove and figure out. My boys and I used it as stretcher and we carried them around the yard safely and easily. Then I attached each end to a tree and quickly made a nice little hammock that the boys played in for hours. I also used it to carry some firewood and it was a lot easier than trying to carry it with just my arms. I want to try it as a fishing net but have not done that yet. When I packed it up I rolled it up and put it back in it’s case with ease.

I’m very pleased with the Lion Essential Survival Tool. It’s a great product that any hunter, hiker, scout, survivalist or just outdoors-man should have. You can check them out at You can also follow them on their Facebook page at Lion Outdoors.

Thanks again to Lion Outdoors for letting us do this review on such a great product. I just might put it on my deer hunting backpack to have at all times in the field.

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