Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles Review

This is a review for Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles. We would like to thank Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insole for letting us review such a unique safety  product.

Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles

Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles
Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles are a great safety product to protect your feet.

I have been wanting to try the Steel Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles for a while. We have had a ton of snow here and I haven’t been able to get out lately. The weather turned nice, and I needed to get out a put out mineral lick sites for the whitetails. I got out my knee high rubber boots that I wear in the field when scouting, shed hunting and doing chores in the field.

Comfortable Insoles

I put the insoles in my deer hunting boots and slipped them on. I was surprised just how comfortable the insoles were. They fit perfectly and were just the right thickness and made my boots fit nice and firm but not to tight. The insoles felt really cushioned when walking and offered great foot support.

The boots I wear when scouting, walking through the woods, and riding four wheelers take a lot of abuse. I do a lot of walking through the woods and cut bean fields. At times I step on sharp sticks and the cut bean stalks are sharp and can puncture my boots. With the Steel Flex Puncture resistant Insoles my feet are protected from being stuck by sharp objects penetrating my boots.

Listed below are a few benefits of the Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles.

Steel Flex Summary Of Benefits

  • Designed to fit most hunting boots, work boots and shoes.

  • Manufactured out of a 4.00 mm thick durable EVA material. That is compression molded and has a heel cup for longitudinal arch support. For improved foot stability.

  • Increased shock absorption.

  • Helps align skeletal structure to reduce back, leg and foot fatigue.

  • Transforms footwear in to puncture resistant comfortable footwear.

  • Exceeds minimum force resistance of 270 lbs.

  • Protects feet from sharp objects.

  • Made with CSA certified Steel-Flex® stainless steel mid-soles. Can be found in the most demanding footwear brands. Including Timberland, Red Wing, Wolverine, Caterpiller, Kodiak, Weinbrenner, Dakota, and Baffin.

  • Manufactured using CLEANSPORT NXT. Which is an organic odor control. That helps moisture absorption and controls bacterial growth.

Fitting of the Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant insole: simply determine the appropriate size of insole from the full size range below:

Steel-Flex Part #   M’s US Shoe Size   W’s US Shoe Size   Europe Shoe Size   UK Shoe Size

STLFLX-IS                     5/6                             6/7                          37-38                    4.5/5.5

STLFLX-IM                    7/8                             8/9                          39-41                     6.5/7.5

STLFLX-IL                     9/10                           10/11                        43-44                     8.5/9.5

STLFLX-IXL                 11/12                           12/13                        45-46                     10.5/11.5

STLFLX-IXXL               13/14                          14/15                         47-48                      12.5/13

As you can see they are available in a wide range of sizes.

I’m pleased with the comfort and fit. It was nice to know my feet were protected while using the Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles. I highly recommend them. I plan on getting a few more pairs of them to wear in my work boots, deer hunting boots, and shoes. You can check them out at Thank you again for letting us review a great product Steel-Flex®.

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