Deer Hunting Get Out Go Now

deer huntingThe best time of the year to go deer hunting is now. The whitetail rut is quickly approaching, Wether you enjoy bow hunting, rifle hunting or even if you use a crossbow now is the time to get in the woods. Above all to enjoy some great whitetail action. Always make sure to check your local regulations before heading out to make sure you are complying with your states laws.

Deer Hunting Whitetails

For most states bow season has been in full swing and now rifle seasons are opening up in many states. The bucks are getting more aggressive every day. Testosterone builds up to get the bucks primed for mating season. They will start to eat less and be on the move scoping out the does more and more and that makes it a great time to be in the woods.  The bucks will move more and more during the pre rut and rut during daylight hours than they normally would.bucks fighting

Does main focus is to eat and get fattened up for the long cold winter and pregnancy. As the days get shorter the the bucks start to spar. They establish dominance in order to protect his does from the smaller bucks. Sometimes the fighting can be intense and the stronger more dominant buck will prevail.

During the pre rut and rut the bucks will do things that they normally wouldn’t do. That makes them more vulnerable to hunters who head to the woods this time of year. Knowing it is the best time of year to kill big bucks. Anyone that has tried to kill a mature buck can tell you it is not easy. Because they are very smart and their instinct to survive is pretty amazing, but when testosterone levels rise the odds of him making a fatal mistake are more likely than normal.

As you can tell now is the best time of the year to get out and go deer hunting. Take someone that might not have a chance to go otherwise. You will make memories that last a lifetime. Being in the woods on a cold frosty morning and watching that sunrise come up will make it all worth getting out of that nice warm bed. God has blessed us all with nature get out and enjoy it.whitetail-kansas-buck




Deer Trail Camera Pictures

whitetail deer trail camera picturesOctober and November are the best time of year to get awesome whitetail deer trail camera pictures. The big bucks are on the move more and more with each passing day as the whitetail deer rut approaches. That means plenty of great pictures to look at. How about you? Are you getting some good bucks showing up on your trail cameras yet? The weather has turned cool here in Kentucky and I’m seeing more and more deer scrapes showing up everywhere. The deer are getting themselves fattened up to be prepared for the long cold winter. Food sources are always a great location to get tons of great pictures.trail camera pictures

Deer Trail Camera Pictures

What is fun about this time of year with the rut approaching is getting more and more trail camera pictures of those big bucks and seeing big bucks that you have on your deer hunting property. For example, some you have never seen before showing up. With the cool weather moving in and the testosterone amping up the big boys they get to moving and that just means more and more trail camera pictures for us hunters to see.

Trail cameras are such an important tool for todays modern deer hunters. They help us get an inventory of shooter bucks. And foremost to decide where and when to hunt certain deer stands and can be quite a weapon to help us consistently kill big mature bucks. Lastly, I’m really not sure how we did it without trail cameras before they ever came out. They are definitely a game changer for sure. Every year it’s fun to see everyone’s whitetail deer pictures and all the big bucks that show up on them this time of year.kansas trail camera picture

Lastly, I hope everyone is having a great deer season so far and share some of your great deer trail camera pictures with us. Good luck this season everyone.

Top Deer Hunting Blogs

I wanted to share my favorite top deer hunting blogs. There are are so many really good ones out there and I thought you might like to see some of my favorites. I enjoy going to these top deer hunting blogs and reading all the great deer hunting post and stories and seeing all the big bucks and tips on deer hunting. Go over and check them out I think you will like them.

top deer hunting blogs

top deer hunting blogs

My Favorite Top Deer Hunting Blogs

These are in no particular order just a mashup of great top deer hunting blogs.

  • A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

    – Marian has been a blogging friend of mine for many years and she has a great deer hunting blog with great stories, tips, pictures, funny memes, and just an all around great deer hunting blog. I love seeing all her post about her friends, her hunting club stories and she takes a lot of great pictures and she has a great sense of humor. Go check out her site and show this sweet lady some love.

  • Marian’s Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc…

    -This is a another great blog by friend Marian. She has some great deer hunting post and it’s another great blog by a sweet lady. Be sure and go check it out and tell her hello.

  • Deer Camp Blog

    – Great deer hunting blog that is the outdoor column of The Bodock Times- Humor and Hunting at the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club on the edge of the Mississippi Delta

  • Big Deer Blog

    Mike Hanback’s Big Deer blog has been around forever and he kills some great bucks every year and his blog is a great source of wonderful deer hunting information.

  • Deer & Deer Hunting Blog

    Deer & Deer Hunting blog is top notch and a legend in the deer hunting industry and has many wonderful deer hunting post, tips, stories, information, pictures, equipment reviews and much more. And as a bonus uncle Ted is featured often.

  • Wired to Hunt

    – Wired to Hunt is a great source of deer hunting information and Mark has been blogging for years and he has taken deer hunting blogging to the next level. Good stuff here.

  • Backwoods Life blog

    – Backwoods Life blog is great! Michel Lee is always on the big bucks and the blog has some great stories, tips, pictures and information.

  • Bucks Bulls Bears Blog

    – Bucks Bulls Bears blog like the name says has not only whitetail hunting but others as well. It has some great blog post on whitetail deer hunting though and I’m sure you will like it.

  • blog

    – has a great bowhunting blog has a lot of great post, stories, information, tips etc… I think you bow hunters will really like this one.

  • Growing Deer Tv Blog

    – Growing Deer Tv blog is awesome and is has great information on managing hunting properties and deer herd and much much more.

  • Deer Hunting Big Bucks

    – You are already here but I wanted to include our blog in this list just because we can and I hope you enjoy deer hunting big bucks as much as we do. You can check out our ranking in this great Blogrank post A List of Top 25 Hunting Blogs.

These are just a few of the top deer hunting blogs out there. Go check them out we think you will really like them. There are so many out there but these are just a few of our favorites. If you would like to include your deer hunting blog on this list just let us know. It’s a great time of the year for us deer hunters to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and make some memories. Thanks for stopping by.


Whitetail Rut is the Best Time of Year to Hunt

Whitetail Rut is the Best Time of Year to HuntThe whitetail rut is the best time of year to hunt. If you want to consistently kill big bucks. I know, tell us something we don’t already know. I’m sure you are all aware of this fact. We all know that it’s the females fault too. Nothing like a doe in heat. She’ll make even the smartest of bucks do something completely out of his character, and make a fatal mistake.

Fall and Whitetail Rut Best the Time of Year

The leaves are turning color and starting to fall. The acorns are dropping and the bucks are starting to make scrapes and are getting out of their normal summer feeding patterns more and more. That big buck that you have only been getting night time trail camera pictures of will start showing up, More and more during daylight hours. Not all but some will. But usually during the rut even the most nocturnal bucks will show up during the day if there are hot does in the area. There is nothing like being in the deer stand during sweet November. When the rut kicks in and the action  heats up and the bucks are on the move.

My favorite time of the year is November with a fresh frost on the ground and the big boys come out to play. There is nothing like it. Just being there when the bucks are moving increases your odds of killing a big one tremendously. The increase in a bucks testosterone during the rut causes them to let down their guard. Way more than they usually would. Making the whitetail rut the best time of the year to hunt by far in my opinion. Most of you would probably agree.daylight buck

I hope everyone has a great season and don’t forget to take someone hunting that otherwise might not have a chance. You will make memories that will last a lifetime and just may get someone involved in the outdoors that may not have otherwise.