Sterling Carbide Tool Sharpener

tool sharpenerThis is a product review for a carbide tool sharpener made by Sterling right here in the USA. It is a small lightweight sharpening tool that can sharpen many different tools. The last thing I need when I am skinning game in the field is a dull knife and with the Sterling carbide tool sharpener that shouldn’t happen ever again.

Handy Tool Sharpener

The carbide tool sharpener made by Sterling may be small but it will be in my back pack from now on. When I got it I had several knives that had dull blades and in no time at all they were razor sharp. They are the perfect size tool sharpener to fit on your key chain and have a key ring/lanyard hole. They weigh just over a half an ounce so you can easily carry it in your pocket or a tackle box also. It’s tungsten carbide blades are made from the highest quality carbide and lightweight aluminum and will not wear down.Sterling carbide sharpener They come in ten cool different colors:
  1. Digital camo
  2. orange
  3. pink
  4. classic
  5. Daisy
  6. eco silver
  7. flag
  8. pink leopard
  9. purple
  10. sterling classic w/diamond dust
You can also use them right handed or left handed. They will sharpen all types of blades: hunting knives, tools, kitchen, serrated and pocket knives. I’m thinking these would make the perfect gift for the guys in my family for Christmas, birthdays, or fathers day. I know my father in law would love one. Some of the people that could use this are:
  • hunters
  • campers
  • military
  • boaters
  • anglers
  • fire
  • rescue
I would highly recommend the handy little carbide tool sharpener made by Sterling. I will be putting mine to good use and you should too. It does a great job of sharpening all sorts of tools. Go check them out and get you one or two at  

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