Deer Trail Camera Pictures

whitetail deer trail camera picturesOctober and November are the best time of year to get awesome whitetail deer trail camera pictures. The big bucks are on the move more and more with each passing day as the whitetail deer rut approaches. That means plenty of great pictures to look at. How about you? Are you getting some good bucks showing up on your trail cameras yet? The weather has turned cool here in Kentucky and I’m seeing more and more deer scrapes showing up everywhere. The deer are getting themselves fattened up to be prepared for the long cold winter. Food sources are always a great location to get tons of great pictures.trail camera pictures

Deer Trail Camera Pictures

What is fun about this time of year with the rut approaching is getting more and more trail camera pictures of those big bucks and seeing big bucks that you have on your deer hunting property. For example, some you have never seen before showing up. With the cool weather moving in and the testosterone amping up the big boys they get to moving and that just means more and more trail camera pictures for us hunters to see.

Trail cameras are such an important tool for todays modern deer hunters. They help us get an inventory of shooter bucks. And foremost to decide where and when to hunt certain deer stands and can be quite a weapon to help us consistently kill big mature bucks. Lastly, I’m really not sure how we did it without trail cameras before they ever came out. They are definitely a game changer for sure. Every year it’s fun to see everyone’s whitetail deer pictures and all the big bucks that show up on them this time of year.kansas trail camera picture

Lastly, I hope everyone is having a great deer season so far and share some of your great deer trail camera pictures with us. Good luck this season everyone.

Watching Whitetail Velvet Bucks Grow

whitetail velvet buck

watching whitetail velvet bucks growWell summer is in full swing and it has been fun watching whitetail velvet bucks grow. It is always fun seeing how big our bucks on properties we hunt get every summer and fall.  The anticipation every time we check our trail cameras builds as we pop in that sd card. Or pull up that email every time we get a notification on our phone. It’s like Christmas morning to us hunters when we get those pictures of deer that gets our hearts beating a little faster.

Watching Whitetail Velvet Bucks Grow

You know what it’s like when you check those trail cameras and you get that big brute on camera for the first time and you are calling your buddies and telling them. Then as the summer progresses and we get to watch them grow and develop to their full potential. We know which ones make the hit list and prioritize them in order, it’s just an exciting time. I think with everything happening in this crazy world today this season is needed more than any other probably ever. Just to be able to climb up in that favorite stand and watch that big beautiful sunrise will help take away some of the crazy stress we all have endured the past few months.

trail-camera-photosWhen we put our trail cameras out at established food sources or mineral lick sites we never know what might show up. It’s always fun to see if we recognize any of the bucks that start showing up on our cameras. Has he changed from last season? How much bigger will he get, and was it worth it letting him walk last season? What about you guys and gals? Do you have any big boys showing up this year so far? It’s going to be a great season and I can’t wait to get back out in the stand. Everyone stay safe and take a child to the woods if you get a chance. You will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Trail Camera Pictures Shed Hunting

pictures shed hunting

Shed hunting around food sources is a great place to look for sheds.

I have some new mineral lick spots and Trophy Rocks and I have gotten several pictures shed hunting. Some of big bodied bucks that had already dropped their headgear.

Pictures Shed Hunting

The only bucks that I have gotten pictures shed hunting  lately that are still carrying their headgear are smaller bucks. I just wish I could find one nice antler, I see all these guys finding truckloads of bone and I can’t seem to find a decent drop. I know I’ve got big bucks on the properties I’m deer hunting they are all over my trail camera pictures.

Shed Hunting

We have been out a few times shed hunting, but I haven’t had any luck though. I definitely need to get me shed hunting dog. How about you have you been able to do any shed hunting? I have heard of several nice bucks antlers being found and just yesterday one of my buddies said he saw a nice big buck the other day in Missouri that was still carrying, so I guess a few of the bucks are still hanging on to their horns.


trail camera pictures February

I got a lot of trail camera pictures in February.

Oh well, I’ll get back out in the next couple of days and see what I can find. I have been living here in the mid-west for almost three years now and every spring I hear people talking about getting out and looking for  mushrooms. Being from the south I never even heard of Morrells until I came here, but from what I here they are very good so this year I am gonna have to try them. I just keep asking myself how good can a mushroom actually be? I guess well see, I bet if they are as good as they say they are the deer probably love them.

It is almost time to plant those food plots so now is a good time to get those soil test done. It is also time to get that lime out before it’s to late. Also it’s a great time to plant those trees and shrubs and it’s not to late to do a control burn also. There are so many things you can do to improve your property this time of year.

Establish Mineral Licks

Now is a great time to put establish those mineral lick sites. The bucks are dropping their antlers and will be growing new ones soon it’s good to get them the minerals. That will help them grow their antlers to their full potential. The minerals are good for the does that will be having those fawns before you know it. So mineral lick sites will help the overall health of your deer herd. I put out two new mineral lick sites last week and have got to do two more this week.


Exciting Trail Camera Picture

trail camera picture buck

While my camera was taking this trail camera picture I was deer hunting 13 yards from this buck. I was filming him for 15 minutes.

I recently got and exciting trail camera picture. Bow season started yesterday here in Kansas and I was able to get out this morning and finally was able do some deer hunting.

I hunted a lock-on stand that is right behind our house. The wind was supposed to be out of the southwest this morning according to the weather report on yahoo. When I went outside the wind was out of the southeast. I decided the stand behind the house was okay to hunt with a southeast wind. I headed out with plenty of time to get in the stand before daylight.

Settled in for the Hunt

I finally got settled in as daylight was cracking and after a few minutes I looked to my right and I see horns heading my way. From about 70 yards through a small strip of trees. The adrenaline started pumping as I swung my camera arm slowly around and got my camera ready. The buck was in no hurry and after what seemed like forever he finally made his way down a path that led to about 13 yards from the tree I was in. I kept thinking how good it was to be deer hunting again. And thinking how much I missed these moments during every day of the off season.

Trail Camera Picture

The exciting trail camera picture I got was when the big brute walked right up and stood in front of my trail camera as I filmed him with my Canon XhA1s.

Pope and Young Maybe

I didn’t have any trail camera pictures of this buck before I got this one.

I was was trying to score him and see if he would make Pope and Young. He just might have made the score but I kept thinking about the buck I have been getting tons of trail camera pictures of across the road. On another piece of property that I have permission to hunt on. He was bigger than this buck. But this buck sure tempted me as he stood broadside at 13 yards for 15 minutes. I was proud of myself for holding out on the big boy and he sure will be nice next year if he makes it through to next season. I know there is no guarantee of that. But that’s the chance you take to let them get big and it’s a risk I willing to take to hopefully get a chance at a sure enough stud next year.

Bigger Bucks Out There

I know there are bigger bucks on some of the deer hunting properties that I have access to. We was able to get some great footage of him and I am trying to come up with a name for him and build a little history with him. Although I hadn’t gotten any pictures of him before yesterday. I didn’t know that until I pulled my card and checked it when I came out this morning.

It was great to be out chasing whitetails again and a great way to start the season off. I think I might just head back out to the same stand in the morning. We plan on shooting a few does this year and tomorrow would be a great day to get some meat in the freezer, unless a bigger buck shows up. I don’t think I could hold out on a buck much bigger than him.